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Call  Your Senators/Reps to Express Your Outrage/Thanks for Their Votes on the Panama, Colombia, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements!

Unfortunately, Congress voted passed the Panama, Colombia, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements yesterday.

This is a huge win for the super-rich, factory farmers, genetically modified food producers, gas guzzling automobile producers, rainforest destroying extractive industries and agribusiness, the financial industry, drug companies, wildlife traders, narco-terrorists, corporate polluters, bear bile farmers,  sweatshop exploiters, whalers, bluefin tuna fishers, offshoring corporations, the US Chamber of Commerce, and George Bush.

Please call President Obama and express your disgust for breaking his campaign promise to oppose these agreements!!

 202-456-1111    .

Obama will surely sign the agreements that he sent to Congress, but it is important that he hear the depth of public opposition to this decision.

Find out how your Representative and Senators voted on the Panama, Colombia, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements!  Contact them to thank them if they they voted against all three FTAs -- or tell you are outraged if they voted for ANY of the FTAs -- and that you will remember how they sold out the public interest to corporate interests during the next election.  Many of them are trying to hide their YES votes on Panama and South Korea behind their NO votes on Colombia.  This cowardly, dishonest attempt to escape accountability is TOTALLY unacceptable.

Find out how your rep voted using the chart below.

If you live outside of the NY metro area, you can check hour your Reps and Senators voted here: House  -- check numbers 781, 782, and 783. Senate - check numbers 161, 162, and 163

  Call now!   1-877-851-6437  Call BOTH of your Senators and your Representative.