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Weekly Update 5/12/14


For a complete list of our upcoming events, visit http://tradejustice.net/may14

Tues, May 13th, 7-9PM: Global City, Not Global Governance: How Fast Tracking Global Trade Agreements Takes the NY Say Out of NYC (Upper West Side)

w/ Kian Frederick (National Field Director, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch), Mitch Jones (Director Common Resources Program, Food & Water Watch), Jennifer Flynn (Director, Health Global Access Project), José Schiffino (Working Families Party and Chair, Fair Trade Committee NYC, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement), Reverend Stephen Phelps (former Senior Interim Minister, Riverside Church), and Malú Huacuja Del Toro (Zapatista Solidarity activist, author, and editor, Salinato 2.0)

RSVP and Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/513

Fri, May 16th, 6:30-8:30PM: Update On Fast Track Legislation (Park Slope)

An update on Fast Track legislation, status of negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) and strategies to forward “Fair Trade” policies, focusing on food and agriculture and on the environment.

RSVP and Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/516

Sat, May 17th, 11AM-3PM: What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership? (Bay Ridge)

w/ Adam Weissman (TradeJustice New York Metro), Dave Doll (Peace Action Bay Ridge Environmental Committee), Mary Martinez (Environmental Specialist, Montefiore Lead Clinic), Robyn Hederman (Animal Law Committee), Janelle Barbaresh, Rev. Robert Emerick (Soul Affirmation), and Rev. David Rommerein (Faith in New York)

RSVP and Additional Info: http://tradejustice.net/517bay

Sat, May 17th, Time TBA: NYC Anarchist Book Fair Panel & Discussion: TPP and Worldwide Resistance to Corporate Globalization (Washington Square)

w/ Pete Dolack (Systemic Disorder). Bill Weinberg (World War 4 Report), Hsin-Hui Hsu (Taiwan Is Not for Sale), Bernadette Ellorin (BAYAN USA), and Adam Weissman (Global Justice for Animals and the Environment)

RSVP and Additional Info: http://tradejustice.net/517an

Sun, May 18th, 7:30-9PM: Nat'l TPP Webinar & Conference Call: TPP vs. Jobs

w/ Ken Peres (Communication Workers of America), Celeste Drake (AFL-CIO), and Mike Dolan (International Brotherhood of Teamsters)

RSVP and Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/42714

News, Opinion, Photos and Videos from Recent Actions, and Interviews

TradeJustice in Action: Photos and Videos from anti-TPP activism at the Veggie Pride Parade, Earth Day, May Day, Green Festival, and the Times Square Rally vs. Obama's Asia Visit


TPP, TTIP & Fast Track News: USTR Grilled on Currency Manipulation Provisions in TPP, Hollywood vs. Brunei in TPP, Rival Trade Pacts Vie for Pacific Hegemony, Wyden to Put Fast Track on Slow Track, TPP Completion Date: January 2017?, etc.


Opinion: House Reps vs. TPP, Pacific Partners Should Push Back Against TPP Until U.S. Shows Respect For Financial Reforms, and How TPP Spreads the United States' Terrible DRM Policies


Interviews: Activists in the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan resisting TPP and the Obama administration's Pacific Pivot


National TPP Conference Call Report: Focus on TPP media coverage (and lack thereof in mainstream and alternative media) w/ presentations by Alan Minsky, Cole Stangler, Steve Anderson, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Kian Frederick and Andrea Miller- includes call recording, Powerpoint of slides, supplemental articles and handouts, chat box text, and graphics


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