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TradeJustice Activists Reach Out on TPP's Threat to Access to HIV Medications at Brooklyn Pride

TPP's intellectual property rules are a major threat to access to affordable HIV medications, undermining the goal of an AIDS-free generation. On June 14th, TradeJustice activists reached out at the Brooklyn Pride Festival and Parade distributing informational fliers, TradeJustice event calendars, and collecting names on letters to Congress.

View photos of TradeJustice activists at Brooklyn Pride.

Want to do your own outreach on TPP and access to medicines at a Pride event in your area? Here are some resources you can use!

Worldwide Directory of Pride Celebrations

Form letter to Congress: Defend Access to AIDS Drugs and Other Life-Saving Medicines! NO TPP! (2 to a page) - download, print, cut, ask people to fill out, and then mail to the address at the bottom of the letter.

Leflet: KEEP HIV/AIDS MEDICATIONS AFFORDABLE: STOP THE TPP! (2 leaflet to a page = print 2-sided and cut)

Leaflet: TPP Threatens the Lives of People w/ HIV/AIDS (4 leaflets to a page - print 2 sided and cut)

Additional info on TPP and Access to Medicines