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About TPP and Fast Track

Camp-Baucus Bill Would Revive Controversial 2002 Fast Track Mechanism (Citizens Trade Campaign)

Next on Wall Street's Policy Agenda: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (Citizens Trade Campaign)

Reid Deals Body Blow to Obama on Trade His Opposition to Fast-Track Authority for Trade Deals Puts Him at Odds With President's Economic Agenda (Wall Street Journal, 1/29/14)

151 House Democrats vs. Fast Track

Widespread Opposition to the Camp-Baucus Fast Track Legislation from Unions, NGOs, and Members of Congress (Citizens Trade Campaign)

Nationwide, Bipartisan Survey Finds Strong Voter Opposition to Fast Track Authority for Trade Deals Such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (U.S. Business & Industry Council, Sierra Club, Communications Workers of America 1/29/14)>

Over 550 Groups Urge Opposition to Fast Track (Citizens Trade Campaign, 1/27/14)

12 Senate Democrats vs. Fast Track

6 House Moderate Republicans vs. Fast Track

22 Conservative Republicans vs. Fast Track

Additional Info on TPP

Additional info on Fast Track