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Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement

The US-Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement, ratified in the US in 2005, includes the United States, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. It has been widely criticized for eliminating agricultural tarriffs that protect rural economies, limiting access to generic drugs, exporting jobs, and for allowing corporations to sue governments for enforcing their environmental laws.

What is the U.S.- Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA) and why should we oppose it?

10 Reasons to Stop CAFTA

Free Trade and Agriculture Policies

Bishops Against CAFTA

DR-CAFTA: Deadly for Animals

CAFTA and Farming



Extractive Industries and Free Trade in Guatemala

Trade Justice Advocates Decry "Threats, Lies, Bribery, and Manipulation" in Costa Rica Free Trade Referendum by Bush Administration and Dole Corporation

Protest Against Dominican President Leonel Fernandez 9/24/10

Globalize This!: DR-CAFTA

Commmitee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador CAFTA Factsheet (outdated but still informative)

CAFTA Attack on Green Policy: Did Obama Need More Reasons to Renegotiate Bush's NAFTA-Style Trade Deals?

Rep. Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.) Reverses Strong CAFTA Opposition, Becomes Prominent Flip-Flopper and Casts Deciding Vote for Expansion of NAFTA to Central America (Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, 8/3/05)

The No More CAFTAs Pledge for Trade Justice: Synopsis of the 8 Points in the Pledge

CAFTA/FTAA Brochure Series: These brochures were created in the early 2000s. The contact info is out of date and obviously much has changed (CAFTA passed, FTAA fell apart), but they still contain lots of solid information about the dangers of DR-CAFTA.

  • "Free trade" and human rights: (PDF)

  • How "free trade" affects labor rights (English: (PDF)

  • Why students should care about "free trade": (PDF)

  • How "free trade" affects the environment: (PDF)

  • How "free trade" affects women (English: (PDF) (Espanol: (PDF)

  • Potential impact of CAFTA and FTAA on Indigenous Peoples (PDF)


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