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Resisting the TPP from Earth Day to May Day

From April 22nd to May 1st, as President Obama was in Asia trying to advance TPP talks, TradeJustice activists engaged in an intensive campaign of outreach and protest to expose how free trade agreements like TPP endanger the environment, threatens jobs, force migration, and expand US hegemony.

View photos and videos from some of these activities below

Photos: April 22nd: Earth Day in Union Square and Zuccotti Park

Photos: April 23rd and 24th:Earth Day at Grand Central

Video: April 25th Rally @ Times Sq with Nodutdol, CAAAV, BAYAN USA, and others vs. Obama's Asia-Pacific Pivot

Photos: April 27th: Green Festival

Photos: May 1st: May Day Events in Union Square, City Hall, and Zuccotti Park