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Stop the War on the Poor and Planet:Time for Justice! Days of Action for Justice and System Change

Call to Action: Reclaim our future. Oppose the corporate “development” agenda
In September of this year, Heads of States and Governments will gather at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York City to agree on a new set of “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) and a “global plan of action for people, planet and prosperity”. This new “Post-2015 development agenda” succeeds the Millennium Development Goals, which are supposed to have been achieved by 2015. This new agenda promises to “transform our world” by 2030. However, many of these same governments, particularly the more powerful ones among them, are also currently negotiating new “free trade” deals across regions such as the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, Trade-in-Services-Agreement and Economic Partnership Agreements, among many others that will have far-reaching implications for peoples in both the global North and South and for the future of the world economy. Like the World Trade Organization, these new trade agreements promise prosperity for all as a result of greater trade and investments across borders. And yet all indications suggest that these agreements as they are currently framed and when adopted side-by-side, will not usher a new dawn for humanity. Instead they are likely to further concentrate power and wealth in the hands of the 1% on the one hand, and deepen the dispossession, exploitation and oppression of peoples and environmental plunder on the other. (Read the full statement).

Sunday, September 20: Reclaim Our Planet & Our Future! Nat'l TPP Webinar / Conf Call on Development Justice & System Change w/ Paul Quintos of Ibon International

Tuesday, September 22: TPP Tuesday Night Twitterstorm to Support the Global Days of Action for Justice and System Change

Thursday, September 24: TradeJustice Thursday on Event Horizons Radio w/ Robin Falkov and Adam Weissman

Thursday, September 24: The inequality challenge: Leave no one behind: a zero poverty, zero carbon future (hosted by: ACTIONAID / OXFAM / ITUC)

Thursday, September 24: Speak Out for Climate Justice

Friday, September 25: Women Leading the Global Labor Rights Movement

Friday, September 25: Park Slope Food Coop International Trade Education Squad Public Forum

Friday, September 25 - Saturday, September 26: International Tribunal of Conscience on Human Rights, Immigrant Justice, and the Impact of US Policy in Mexico and Central America

Saturday, September 26: March Against Forced Migration and Displacement

Sunday, September 27: People's General Assembly

Monday, September 28: Dialogues for Justice and the Common Good: From the Margins to the Frontlines

Tuesday, September 29: TPP Tuesday Night Twitterstorm

Wednesday, September 30: National TPP Resistance Call

Thursday, October 1: Special #TPPKills Twitterstorm

Thursday, October 1: TradeJustice Thursday on Event Horizons Radio w/ Robin Falkov and Adam Weissman