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Early-Mid August 2015

Sunday, August 2: National TPP Conference Call: Malaysia, Human Trafficking, and The Obama Administration's Betrayal of Human Rights to Push TPP

Tuesday, August 4: Rally and Press Conference: No Human Trafficking Coverup for TPP

Tuesday, August 4: TPP Twitterstorm

Wednesday, August 5: National TPP Resistance Call

Thursday, August 6: TradeJustice Thursday on Event Horizons Radio: Maui TPP Talks Fail! Customs Enforcement Conference Committee Postponed! Kerry in Malaysia!

Thursday, August 6: TradeJustice Meeting: After Maui: What's Next in the Fight to Kill TPP?

Tuesday, August 11: TPP Twitterstorm

Thursday, August 13: Event Horizons: Crunch TIme for TPP? Plus: TPP IP Chapter Leaked! Plus: More on the State Dept's Whitewash of Human Trafficking to Push TPP

Thursday, August 13: Online Presentation: Smart Trade and How to Win the TPP Battle

Friday, August 14: TradeJustice New York Metro Organizing Meeting

Sunday, August 16: Free Trade and Human Trafficking: A National TPP Conference Call & Webinar

Tuesday, August 18: TradeJustice New York Metro Weekly Meeting

Tuesday, August 18: TPP Twitterstorm

Wednesday, August 19:  National TPP Resistance Call

Thursday, August 20: Event Horizons TradeJustice Thursday with Robin Falkov and Adam Weissman

Thursday, August 20: TOWN MEETING: A dialogue about the TPP -  the Trans-Pacific Partnership international trade agreement:  Free?  Fair?  Fake? Toxic?

Sunday, August 23: NYC Friends of Clearwater 7th Annual Water Festival - Contact Adam to help with TPP outreach at this event: (718) 218-4523 or adam @ tradejustice . net (no spaces)

Sunday, August 23: TPP Intellectual Property Chapter Leaked! National TPP Team Webinar with James Love of Knowledge Ecology International