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November 13-November 30, 2015

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Friday, November 13, 11:30AM-1PM: Press Conference and Street Theater: Protest TPP's Attack on Access to Medicines at the Corporate office of Pfizer!
Gather at 11:30 AM at the corner of 42nd Street and Park Avenue, Manhattan Sponsored by American Medical Student Association and Health Global Access Project. Call Alison for details: (260) 452-7763 or eaf@amsa.org
Details at http://tradejustice.net/amsa1113

Friday, November 13, Noon-3PM: The 2015 Human Rights Tribunal on Climate Justice
The New School Dirshon Dining Suite (room 205), 55 West. 13th Street (between 5th Street and 6th Avenues), New York.
Details at http://tradejustice.net/trib1113

Friday, November 13, 7PM: The Fight for Economic and Social Justice in Colombia // La Lucha por la Justicia Económica y Social en Colombia w/ Oscar Gutierrez (Dignidad Agropecuaria)
Location: 76-11 37th Ave, (between 76th and 77th Streets), 2nd Fl, Jackson Heights, Queens Meeting will be in English and Spanish, with interpretation. For additional details, email westernqueensiso@gmail.com or visit http://tradejustice.net/oscar1113

Friday, November 13: Roundtable- US Out of Asia Pacific!
Location: Project Reach NYC, 39 Eldridge St # 4, (beteween Canal and Hester Streets), Manhattan. Details at http://tradejustice.net/usout (Organized by Asia Pacific Islander Peoples' Solidarity)

Saturday, November 14: Free Trade Agreements in Colombian Agriculture-Oscar Gutierrez (Dignidad Agropecuaria) and Adam Weissman (TradeJustice New York Metro)
Details at http://tradejustice.net/oscad

Saturday, November 14-Wednesday, November 18: #FallRising Mobilization in Washington DC to Stop TPP, TTIP, & TiSA
Five days of trainings protests protests, panels, marches, and direct actions in Washington,DC
Details at http://tradejustice.net/natmob - call or email Adam for details on travel from NYC adam@tradejustice.net or call (718) 218-4523 Invite Facebook friends at http://tradejustice.net/dcmob

Sunday, November 15, 12-2PM: Park Slope Food Coop International Trade Education Squad Public Forum
Location: 782 Union Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues, Brooklyn, NY
Details at http://tradejustice.net/psfc

Sunday, November 15, 7PM: Panel: "Free Trade" Agreements and Militarism in Asia Pacific and Latin America
Location: First Trinity Lutheran Church 309 E. St. NW, Washington, DC or watch online at http://www.ustream.tv/itsoureconomy
Details at http://tradejustice.net/dcpanel

Sunday, November 15, Time TBD: Van to Washington DC for National Mobilization vs. TPP (returns Monday evening)
Call Wendy for details at (718) 218-4523

Monday, November 16, Time TBD: Bus to Washington, DC for National Mobilization
Details at http://tradejustice.net/mondaybus

Tuesday, November 17: TPP Twitterstorm Details at http://tradejustice.net/twit1117

Thursday, November 19: US-Colombia FTA & Afro-Colombian Displacement on Dr. Falkov's Event Horizons Radio w/ Human Rights Lawyer Dan Kovalik + Action Week Report!
Listen live at http://freedomslips.com -- Click studio A or listen on your phone at (605) 562-4199.

Details at http://tradejustice.net/eh1119

Sunday, November 22: National TPP Conference Call and Webinar: TPP/TTIP's Attack on Public Health with Peter Maybarduk (Public Citizen) and Dr. Elizabeth Wiley
Details at http://tradejustice.net/natcall1122

Tuesday, November 24: TPP Twitterstorm
Detail at http://tradejustice.net/twit1124

Thursday, November 26: Dr. Falkov's Event Horizons Radio: Trump: Right on TPP, Wrong on Immigration - David Bacon & Malu Huacuja del Toro
Listen live at http://freedomslips.com -- Click studio A or listen on your phone at (605) 562-4199. Details at http://tradejustice.net/eh1126

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