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June 2015

Monday, June 1: Presentation on TPP and Fast Track to Demoncratic Orgaization of Richmond County

Tuesday, June 2: TPP Twitterstorm

Wednesday, June 3: National Call-in Day to Stop Fast Track

Wednesday, June 3: National Fast Track Resistance Call: Update on fast track and the Rigged Trade Rebellion

Wednesday, June 3: Event Horizons Radio: Robin Falkov Interviews Adam Weissman on National Fast Track Call-in Day

Wednesday, June 3: Flyering for National Day of Action vs. Fast Track in Times Square

Thurs, June 4-Friday, July 31: Rigged Trade Rebellion to #StopFastTrack in Washington, DC

Friday, June 5: TISA Documents Leaked! Robin Falkov Interviews Adam Weissman on Event Horizons Radio

Sunday, June 7: Rick Spisak Interviews Adam Weissman of TradeJustice NY Metro about TPP and Fast Track on Progressive News Network

Monday, June 8: Rally: Tell Turncoat Kathleen Rice: A Yes Vote on Fast Track is a NO Vote on a Second Term! Facebook Event * Printable Flier

Monday, June 8: TPP/TTIP/TISA: Obama's Betrayal of Workers: Mimi Rosenberg Interviews Adam Weissman on Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report


Tuesday, June 9: TPP & TISA's Threat to Climate Justice: Adam Weissman of Global Justice for Animals and the Environment Presents to 350 Brooklyn

Tuesday, June 9: Fast Track /TPP/TTIP/TISA Update: A Brief Update by Adam Weissman (Global Justice for Animals and the Environment) on Eco-Logic w/ Ken Gale

Tuesday, June 9: TPP Twitterstorm

Wednesday, June 10: Mimi Rosenberg Interviews Adam Weissman on the Fight to Derail the Obama Trade Agenda on WBAI's Morining Show

Wednesday, June 10: Emergency Capitol Hill Letter Drop vs. Fast Track

Wednesday, June 10: National TPP & Fast Track Organizing Call w/ Lori Wallach of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

Wednesday, June 10: National Fast Track Resistance Call: Conservative opposition to fast track

Thursday, June 11: Fast Track / TPP Update at NY Safe Energy Coalition Meeting

Sunday, June 14: National TPP Conference Call: LGBTQ Rights Threatened By TPP w/ Cleve Jones

Tuesday, June 16: TPP Twitterstorm

Wednesday, June 17: Rigged Trade Rebellion Legislative update and next steps

Tuesday, June 23: TPP Twitterstorm

Wednesday, June 24: National Fast Track Resistance Call

Sunday, June 28: National TPP Conference Call: Details TBA

Tuesday, June 30: TPP Twitterstorm