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Fast Track Bill Introduced!

Call Senator Wyden to express your disgust at his betrayal!

House Ways and Means Committee Fast Track Press Release

Statements of Opposition and Analysis

Fast Track Bill Met with Tidal Wave of Opposition (Citizens Trade Campaign, 4/16/15)

Fast Track Bill Would Legitimize White House Secrecy and Clear the Way for Anti-User Trade Deals (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 4/16/15)

Fast Track Introduced: Hatch Bill Would Revive Controversial 2002 Mechanism That Faces Broad Congressional, Public Opposition (Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, 4/16/15)

Democracy Now: "A Corporate Trojan Horse": Critics Decry Secretive TPP Trade Deal as a Threat to Democracy (Democracy Now, 4/16/15)

News Coverage

Deal Reached for on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Accord (The New York Times, 4/16/15)

Bipartisan bill would give Obama key powers on trade (Washington Post, 4/16/15)