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Fast Track Authority is the essential tool for railroading trade agreements that undermine the public interest for the benefit of corporate interests through Congress. When Congress grants the president Fast Track Authority, the United States Trade Representative can negotiate trade deals with no obligation to consider Congress' views on what countries we should and should not enter into free trade agreements with or the terms of trade agreements. The president can then send legislation to Congress to implement the already fully negotiated trade deal. In contrast to any other legislation, under Fast Track Congress is prohibited from in any way amending the legislation. Bills cannot be held up in committee. Floor debate is strictly limited to 20 consecutive hours in each house -- for House members this means they have only 88 seconds per member! Floor votes are required within 90 days in the Senate and 60 days in the House -- giving elected officials and the public limit time to carefully study these massive agreements that address fair more than simply trade. Fast Track was used to pass disastrous trade deals including NAFTA, CAFTA-DR, Peru FTA, Colombia FTA, Panama FTA, and the Korea FTA.

Fast Track Authority expired in 2007, but Congress renewed it in 2015 at President Obama's requet in order to faciliate passage of three more trade deals that attack jobs, the environment, our health, and democracy on behalf of megacorporations and the super-rich -- the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and the Trade In Services Agreement (TISA). It's now critical for us to hold members of Congress accountable for their Fast Track votes and to demand that they vote NO on TPP!


1. Find out who represents you in Congress and how to contact them here.

2. Find out how your Senators voted and how your US Representative voted (A No/Nay vote is good, whereas a yes/aye vote is bad.)

3. Call and email your Senators and US Representative. Express your thanks if they voted against Fast Track and your deep disappointment if they voted for it. Let them know that you will remember their vote when they're next up for reelection. Urge them publicly commit to voting against the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- to keep up the good work if they voted against Fast Track and to redeem themselves if they voted for it.

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