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TradeJustice Activists Expose Hillary Clinton's Complicity in Bagua Massacre,
Support for TPP and Other Job-Killing Trade Deals At Book Tour Kickoff

Hillary Clinton kicked off her book tour on June 10th, 2014 with a signing at Barnes and Noble, supposedly intended to "test the waters" for her presidential campaign. June 9th, 2014 was the fifth anniversary of the Bagua Massacre, called "the Amazon's Tiananmen", and new documents released by Wikileaks point to Clinton State Department complicity in the use of force against indigenous peoples protesting the Peru FTA, resulting in at least 32 deaths.

TradeJustice New York Metro prepared this flier and distributed it outside Barnes and Noble.

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Hillary Clinton's Support for Bush/Obama Free Trade Agreements

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TradeJustice NY Metro Actions Concerning Hillary Clinton and the Peru FTA

11/13/07: Tug-O-Hillary! Street Theater & Protest to Push Hillary Clinton to Oppose the Peru Free Trade Agreement

11/1/07: Sen. Clinton Wrangled by Rangel, Edwards, Bush, and Corporate Lobbyists in Peru Free Trade "Tug-O-Hillary"

2/26/08: TradeJusice Protesters Blockade Senator Clinton's Office Building in Protest of Peruvian Police Killing of Farmers Resisting Free Trade Agreement

Background on the Trade Agreements Hillary Clinton Has Supported

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Hillary Clinton Laughs About NAFTA
A Video by David Sirota

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