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TradeJustice Activists Denounce Hillary Clinton's Support for TPP, Complicity in Bagua Massacre at Chappaqua Library Signing

On Sunday, June 30th, TradeJustice activists protested Hillary Clinton's signing of her new book Hard Choices at the public library in her hometown of Chappaqua, NY. Our protest focused on Hillary's active role in promoting the Colombia, Panama, South Korea, Peru and Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreements, particularly in light of recent revelations that Hillary Clinton's State Department called on Peruvian President Garcia to use force against anti-FTA protesters in 2009, resulting in the infamous Bagua Massacre. We were one of three protest groups there to protest the former Secretary of State. Tea Party activists protested Clinton's role in the Benghazi scandal. Peace activists protested her support for drone warfare. We made an effort to explain our cause to all the groups -- even to staff and volunteers from a pro-Hillary PAC. As expected we were asked by local police and a Secret Service agent to put some distance between ourselves and the library, by this time, we'd already leafleted the line waiting to get into the event. The spots we were forced to move to still allowed us to access most of the crowd coming in and out of the event and made us visible to media, though it also made it challenging for us to distinguish ourselves from other protest groups.

A number of media outlets covered our protest:

Journal-News: Hundreds line up for Clinton book signing in Chappaqua

Fios News: Hillary Clinton protesters picket at Chappaqua book signing: Fans travel from states away to buy former secretary of state’s new book while others rally yards away

Mert Melfa: Angry Protesters Slam Hillary in Hometown Chappaqua

Learn more about Hillary Clinton's role in pushing job-killing, human rights abusing free trade agreements here.