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Street Theater & Protest to Push Hillary Clinton to Oppose the Peru Free Trade Agreement

Street Theater & Protest to Push Hillary Clinton to Oppose the Peru Free Trade Agreement

Join us for a street theater Tug-of-War between corporate corporate interests and sellout Democrats and trade justice advocates and John Edwards -- with both sides pulling Hillary Clinton! (We're not endorsing John Edwards (or anyone) for president-- we just think it's cool that he's challenging Hillary on her Peru vote.)

WHEN: Tuesday, November 13th, Noon.
WHERE: 780 Third Ave at 48th Street, Manhattan

If you'd like to volunteer to make signs, copy flyers, or make outreach calls to get people to come out for the protest, email info@tradejustice.net or call (347) 905-7334.

Sponsored by the NYC People's Referendum on Free Trade, a coalition of Latin American solidarity, AIDS, animal rights, environmental, and labor rights organization and activists united in opposition to pro-corporate, anti-public interest free trade agreements.


How will Hillary Clinton vote on the Peru Free Trade Agreement?

Sellout, Bush-lovin' Democrats in the House today betrayed workers, the environment, people with AIDS, wildlife, farmed animals, Peru's social security beneficiaries, indigenous people, family farmers, Afro-Peruvians, advocates of free software, small businesses-- really everyone but big corporations like Wal-mart, Citigroup, Occidental Petroleum, and corporate agribusiness groups like the National Pork Producers Council.

Despite the disgraceful "leadership" of corporate hacks like Charlie Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, Sander Levin, Steny Hoyer, Joseph Crowley, and Rahm Emmanuel, a majority of Democrats stood strong for trade justice and voted against the agreement, including New York Reps Nydia Velazquez, Jose Serrano, and Jerrold Nadler. Sadly, Gary Ackerman, Gregory Meeks, Edolphus Towns, Yvette Clarke, Carolyn Maloney, Anthony Weiner, Elliot Engel, Vito Fosella, and of course, Rangel and Crowley lacked the conviction and integrity their colleagues displayed and voted for the agreement.

Now the battle shifts to the Senate...

John Edwards and trade justice advocates are pushing Hillary Clinton to vote "NO!", but corporate interests and the House Democratic leadership are pulling in the other direction. Join us on Tuesday, November 13th at 1PM for a Tug-o-Hillary-- a fun and educational street theater event street theater event that we'll use to dramatize Hillary's current fence-sitter position-- and hopefully pull her over to the side of trade justice!

With Edwards publicly criticizing Hillary's failure to declare how she intends to vote, we're faced with a unique opportunity to bring public attention to an agreement that has largely flown below the radar of the US voters.

If Hillary votes "no" on the Peru FTA, this will be a huge embarassment for Losercrats Rangel and Pelosi, and will make it politically difficult for them to bring any more free trade agreements to a vote before the 2008 presidential-election.

Hillary knows that US voters OPPOSE NAFTA-style free trade deals, so she's been talking the trade justice talk lately; now let's make her walk the walk!