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TradeJustice Activists Present on Peru FTA to Humala Supporters

On Wednesday, August 24th, Adam Weissman and Ruth Santana of TradeJustice NY Metro member group Global Justice for Animals and the Environment spoke about the impacts of the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement on indigenous communities, the environment, and animals at a meeting of supporters of newly elected Peruvian President Olanta Humala. The presentation included excepts from slideshow and videos of TradeJustice actions against the Peru FTA and in solidarity with the people of Peru. Attendees were urged to paritipate in lobbying efforts against the Panama, Colombia, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements, explaining the disastrous impacts of the Peru FTA to make the case that Congress should not pass more free trade agreements.

Photos of the event

View the complete slide presentation

Watch the videos we presented:

Blockade of Charles Schumers Office in the Aftermath of Peru Massacre (2009)

Blockade of Senator Clinton's Office After Killing of Peruvian Farmers (2008)