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Interviews with Colombian Women Activists Opposed to the Colombia FTA
These interviews were recorded on Tuesday, May 13th at the Diversity Center of Queens in Jackson Heights after the forum "COLOMBIA : A COUNTRY AT WAR- IMPACTS OF THE COLOMBIA-U.S. FREE TRADE AGREEMENT ON A WAR-TORN NATION." The forum was sponsored by Movement for Peace in Colombia, American Friends Service Committee, Trade Unionist Committee in Solidarity with Colombia, NYC People's Referendum on Free Trade, NY CISPES, and Wetlands Activism Collective/Global Justice for Animals and the Environment as part of a series of public forums and Congressional meetings with the delegation of Colombian women activists who visited NYC in May 2008 to warn New Yorkers to the impending humanitarian threat of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Clara Gomez of Colombia's National Labor School

Aura Rodriguez of Corporación Cactus and defender of flower industry women workers' rights

Virgelina Charal, an Afro-Colombian rights activist working with internally displaced women