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Trade Justice Activists Participate in Disrupt J20 Action to Demand Fair Trade Policies
at Trump's Inauguration

On Friday, January 20th, activists from Trade for People and Planet and TradeJustice New York Metro united as the Trade Justice Bloc of the Disrupt J20 action at President Trump's inauguration. The Trade Justice Bloc was one of many issue themed groups that protested or blockaded at the checkpoints that would-be attendees were required to enter en route to the inauguration. Protesters with large banners and signs leafleted, and spoke out, and later marched to Union Square, where they converged with a larger anti-Trump march and rally. A number of media outlets covered the Trade Justice Bloc action and it was also widely shared in photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter. You can photos, and read the action press release and media coverage below.

News Release


Media Coverage