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TradeJustice Activists Join Koch Party to Expose Koch-TPP Connection

TradeJustice's Carlos Cabeza and Marty Rajendran at the Koch Party.

On June 5th, 2014, TradeJustice activists attended the Koch Party on Park Avenue organized by Money Out/Voters In to expose the link between the far-right billionaire Koch Brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and TPP.

Here's how organizers described the event: "Are you tired of our democracy being sold to the highest bidder? So are we... Join us at David Koch's apartment building on swanky Park Avenue for an intervention and block party to address America's growing Koch problem."

TradeJustice activsts prepared a new flier for distribution at the event on the Koch/TPP connection, explaining how the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council is pushing resolutions in state legislatures in support of TPP. You can read the flier in a printable PDF format here. Feel free to copy and distribute it!