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For updated event info, visit http://tradejustice.net/events. Admission free unless otherwise noted.

Every Day: Save the World – Stop Fast Track!

Visit http://savetheworldstopfasttrack.com EVERY DAY to find two new targets who need to hear from us on Fast Track & TPP via Facebook and Twitter – one media target and one legislative target. Ask the media to cover Fast Track and legislators to oppose it.

Every Monday: Facebook Blitz: Urge Daily Show and Colbert to address TPP.

More Info: http://tradejustice.net/blitz1614

Every Tuesday, 9-10PM: TPP Twitterstorm

Help make TPP-related hashtags trend on Twitter and light up the Twitterverse with TPP-

related tweets with a different theme every week. More Info: http://tradejustice.net/storm

Thurs, May 1st, 12PM-9PM: TPP Outreach at May Day 2014 Events

Help get the word out on TPP at these May Day events! We'll be there to pass out literature, wear signs denouncing TPP, and to ask march and rally participants to sign letters to Congress vs. Fast Track and TPP. When you arrive, call our contact person (listed below), who will give you a wearable sign, clipboards, form letters, and fliers to pass out.

Noon: May 1st Coalition Rally in Union Square
TPP is part of the demand set of this event, so it is vital for anti-TPP activists to have a presence!
Contact: Michiko Takatani (917) 579-2783
Meeting Spot: from 12-12:30, Michiko will be at the Gazebo-like subway entrance at the SW corner of the park - after that, call her. 
Directions: N, R, Q, 4. 5, 6, or L to 14th St - Union Sq.
More info on this event: 

5PM: Labor Rally At City Hall
Contact : Wendy Scher (347) 881-5635
Directions: R to City Hall, J/Z to Chambers, or 4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall 
More info on this event:

7:30PM: May Day People’s Assembly & Movement Report Backs
Location: Zuccotti Park, Broadway at Cedar St.
Directions:R to Cortland or A, C, J, Z, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Fulton St.
More info on this event:

RSVP and Additional Info for all three events: http://tradejustice.net/mayday14

Wed, May 7th, 1:30PM: Rally for Fair Trade in Washington, DC

We’ve been shut out of the future of the global economy. When US negotiators decide what matters during trade agreements, they consult with big corporations, not the US public. These corporations are using these secret negotiations to make an end run around Congress so that they can ship even more jobs overseas, devastate the environment, drive up health care costs and repeal critical consumer protections on Wall Street. They’ve shut all of us out of the negotiating room, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be heard. Join the Communication Workers of America and thousands of activists as we rally for fair trade on the grounds of the Capitol. We’ll show Congress that the entire progressive movement is united in the fight for a 21st century economy that works for everyone.
: Upper Senate Park (Constitution Ave between New Jersey Ave NW and Delaware Ave NE, Washington DC)

Event info: http://cwa-union.org/pages/rally_for_fair_trade_turnout_toolkit

Travel info: Call Adam at (718) 218-4523 or email adam@tradejustice.net

Sponsor: Communication Workers of America

Tues, May 13th, 7-9PM: Global City, Not Global Governance

A forum on how fast tracking global trade agreements takes the NY say out of NYC. Moderator Ron Kuby (WABC's Curtis and Kuby) will introduce presenters including the Honorable Helen Rosenthal (NYC Council Member, 6th District, Manhattan), Kian Frederick (Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch), Mark Weisbrot (Center for Economic and Policy Research), Rev. Stephen Phelps, Jennifer Flynn (Health Global Access Project), Malu Huacuja del Toro (novelist and playwright; editor, Salinato Version 2.0), and Mitch Jones (Food & Water Watch).

Donation: A $5 donation is suggested, but not required.

Sponsors: Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, New York Society for Ethical Culture, TradeJustice New York Metro, and others (list in formation).

Location: New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 W 64th St, New York, NY 10025

Directions: A, B, C, D, or 1 to 59th St.-Columbus Circle

RSVP and Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/513

Printable Flier: http://tradejustice.net/513fl

Fri, May 16th, 6:30-8:30PM: Update On Fast Track Legislation

An update on Fast Track legislation, status of negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) and strategies to forward “Fair Trade” policies, focusing on food and agriculture and on the environment.

Sponsor: Park Slope Food Coop Fair Trade Committee

Location: Park Slope Food Coop, 782 Union St (between 6th and 7th Aves), Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Subway Directions: R to Union St (at intersection of Union Street and 4th Avenue); 2 or 3 train to Grand Army Plaza station (at intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Plaza Street); or B, Q to 7th Ave (at intersection of Flatbush and 7th Avenues)

Bus and Bicycle Directions: http://tradejustice.net/psdir

RSVP and Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/516

Printable Flier: http://tradejustice.net/516fl

Sat, May 17th, 11AM-3PM: What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Moderator: Jamie Kemmerer (Regional Coordinator, MoveOn NYC Councils)

Presenters: Adam Weissman (TradeJustice New York Metro), a representative of the Communication Workers of America (CWA), Dave Doll (Peace Action Bay Ridge Environmental Committee), Mary Martinez (Environmental Specialist, Montefiore Lead Clinic), Robyn Hederman (Animal Law Committee), and Rev. Robert Emerick (Soul Affirmation).

Film: Priceless: a look at how special interest money shapes policy in our country.

Food: Free Lunch provided.

Location: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 7420 4th Avenue, Bay Ridge

Directions: R to 77th Street. Walk two blocks North on 4th Avenue

Sponsors: Peace Action Bay Ridge and Interfaith Peace Coalition

RSVP and Additional Info: http://tradejustice.net/517bay

Printable Flier: http://tradejustice.net/bayfli

Sat, May 17th, 3PM: NYC Anarchist Book Fair Panel & Discussion: TPP and Worldwide Resistance to Corporate Globalization

Panelists will talk about the threat posed by these agreements and about the resistance to them and in Asia and Latin America as pat of the ongoing fight against neoliberal trade policies. Then we'll discuss local opportunities for action vs. TPP.

Presenters: Pete Dolack (Systemic Disorder). Bill Weinberg (World War 4 Report), Hsin-Hui Hsu (Taiwan Is Not for Sale), Bernadette Ellorin (BAYAN USA), and Adam Weissman (Global Justice for Animals and the Environment)

Location: To be determined, check http://www.anarchistbookfair.net/ for details.

RSVP and Additional Info: http://tradejustice.net/517an

Printable Flier: http://tradejustice.net/517anfli

Sun, May 18th, 7:30-9PM: Nat'l TPP Webinar & Conference Call

This call will focus on TPP's threat to jobs. Call #l 559-726-1300. Access code 951146#. Webinar link: http://www.anymeeting.com/moveforjustice1

RSVP and Additional Details: http://tradejustice.net/42714

Wed, May 21th, 3PM: Citizens Trade Campaign Monthly National TPP/Fast Track Phone Briefing

RSVP and Additional Info: http://tinyurl.com/tppcalls for the number, access code & supplemental info.

Sat, May 24th, 1-4PM: March Against Monsanto

TPP will be among the focal issues for this march. TradeJustice activists will be at the march to present teach-ins, distribute literature and encourage participants to sign form letters explaining urging Congress to stop Monsanto's TPP attack on food safety. When you arrive, call us so we can meet you in the crowd and give you signs, leaflets, etc.

Location: Union Square, 14th Street and Broadway

Directions: N, R, Q, 4,5, 6, or L to 14th Street-Union Square.

Contact: Adam at (845) 389-8059

RSVP and Additional Info: http://tradejustice.net/mam

Fri, May 30th-Sun, June 2nd TPP Outreach @ Left Forum

We'll be tabling outside the Left Forum throughout the weekend. When people leave after plenaries in the evening, we'll be waiting at the exit to ask them to sign letters to Congress vs. TPP and Fast Track and to give them informational literature and our events calendars. If you plan on attending the Forum, you can also help get the word out inside – we can give you clipboard, letters, and literature to take in with you. Please contact us IN ADVANCE if you'd like to help – either outside or inside.

Contact (in advance): Adam at (718) 218-4523 or email adam@tradejustice.net

Location: John Jay College, 524 West 59th St., Manhattan (between 10th and 11th Aves)

Directions: A, C, D, E, or 1 to 59th St- Columbus Circle. Walk west.

RSVP and Additional Info: http://tradejustice.net/left

Mon, June 9th, 7-9PM: Peace Action Manhattan Forum on TPP

Guest Speaker: Adam Weissman of TradeJustice New York Metro.

The Peace Action Community Forum meets the 2nd Monday of every month to encourage activists from the NYC area to explain their work and share information, goals, et cetera.

Food: Refreshments will be served.

Location: Goddard Riverside Community Center, 88th St. & Columbus Ave., Manhattan.

Directions: B or 6 to 86th Street. Walk North to 88th St and west to Columbus Ave.

Or, take the 1 to 86th St. and walk north to 88th St and west to Columbus Ave.

Contact: Florindo by phone at 212-580-1504 or by email at peaceactman@gmail.com

RSVP and Additional Info: http://tradejustice.net/6914

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