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Trade Policy News and Opinion - 12/31/15

Quote of the Week

"Among [Rahm Emanuel's] special projects was helping to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement and the 1994 crime bill. He also tried to push Clinton to the right on immigration, advising the President, in a memo in November, 1996, to work to “claim and achieve record deportations of criminal aliens.” These all, in the fullness of time, turned out to be mistakes. NAFTA, in alienating the Party’s working-class base, contributed to the Democrats losing control of the House of Representatives in 1994."

- The Sudden But Well-Deserved Fall of Rahm Emanuel (The New Yorker, 12/31/15)


Ted Cruz: ‘Under No Circumstances Should the TPP Be Voted on During a Lame Duck Session’(Breitbart, 11/12/15)

U.S. Election Debate Complicates Passage of Pacific Trade Pact (Wall Street Journal, 12/8/15)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Takes a Hit (Hoosier Ag Today, 12/15/15)

Trade Deal May Need a Year Before Vote (WhoTV.com, 12/15/15)

Canada Forced to Ease Grip on Its Milk Supply (FG Insight, 12/16/15)

Will Trans-Pacific trade pact enforce jail for photocopying textbooks? (The Malaysian Insider, 12/16/15)

Malaysians launch Trans-Pacific pact debate website (NewsFultonCounty.com, 12/16/15)

TPP Suffers Setback… (WNAX.com, 12/16/16)

Canada seen dawdling on ratification of Trans-Pacific trade deal (The Star Online, 12/17/15)

Patagonia red flags TPP (Fiber2Fashion.com, 12/18/15)

Obama puts TPP trade deal at top of 2016 agenda (The Hill, 12/18/15)

Major trade group supports TPP (The Hill, 12/22/15)

We Threw a Wrench in the White House's TPP Fast Track Plan: 2015 in Review (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 12/24/15)

Road to free trade agreement vote just keeps getting longer (Star Tribune, 12/26/15)

TPP Passage Top Priority for Iowa Pork Producers (WNAX.com, 12/28/15)

Trade Deal Tops 2016 Agenda (WHOtv.com, 12/28/15)

TPP nations arranging to sign free-trade deal in early February (Japan Times, 12/29/15)

Will next US President have same Asian focus? (Today, 12/31/15)


8 Terrible Things About the Trans-Pacific Partnership (In These Times, 12/16/15)

Does Obama even know what’s in his TPP deal? (Boulder Weekly, 12/17/15)

Sideline the 12-nation TPP until it’s fixed (Seattle Times, 12/17/15)

Gordon Campbell on how the Republicans just buried the TPP (Scoop Independent News, 12/17/15)

Trans-Pacific Partnership is a wonderful idea – for China (The Globe and Mail, 12/26/15)

TPP is a giftwrapped wealth-transfer to China (BoingBoing, 12/27/15)

Nancy Sullo: TPP will weaken food safety (Daily Camera, 12/28/15)

The Trans-Pacific Trade Scam (Truthdig, 12/29/15)

Trans-Pacific trade deal bumps up health prices, costs U.S. jobs (MLive, 12/30/15)

Dr Joshua Freeman, Dr Hayley Bennet: TPP could trump climate accord (NZHerald.co.nz, 12/31/15)