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TONIGHT: Webinar: Take Action vs. TPP During Congressional Recess! + Upcoming Events, Action Videos & Photos, News, Opinion & More!
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Week of 2/14/16

Congressional Recess: Time to Take Action vs.                   TPP: Conference Call and Webinar - Sunday, February                   14. 2016, 7:30 PM EST / 4:30 PM PST - Register at                   http://tradejustice.net/calllreg - Plus: Reportback on                   the Feb 4 Global TPP Action Day! Presenters: Dr. Bill                   Rosenberg, Policy director and economist. New Zealand                   Council of Trade Unions; Elizabeth Swager, National                   Organizing Director, Citizens Trade Campaign; Celeste                   Drake, Trade & Globalization Policy Specialist,                   AFL-CIO; Dr. Margaret Flowers, co-director, Popular                   Resistance and Flush the TPP; Andrea Miller, Executive                   Director, People Demanding Action; and Adam Weissman,                   Organizer, TradeJustice New York Metro and Global                   Justice for Animals and the Environment


It's Valentine's Day today and President's Day tomorrow -- time to tell Congress we're not loving our current President's rotten TPP trade deal! Congress will be on recess all week, so this is a great opportunity to pay a drop-in visit to your member of Congress' district office to express your opposition to TPP and to arrange a scheduled lobby visit for the March Congressional recess. TradeJustice volunteers in a number of Congressional visits are already planning drop-ins. If you'd like to join or arrange a visit to your Representative's office, please email adam@tradejustice.net or call (718) 218-4523. We'll email you a packet of materials to bring to your visit and help you connect with other constituents in your Congressional district who may be able to join you on your visit -- or who may already be arranging one!


Deadline, Monday Feb 15:  Participate in the International Trade Commission Trans‐Pacific Partnership Agreement: Likely Impact on the U.S. Economy and on Specific Industry Sectors

Let It Go: TPP Write Your Members of Congress to Oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Sign the petition to Congress: Protect our interests and oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the amplification of corporate power.


Sun, Feb 14: Webinar: Take Action vs. TPP During the Congressional Recess!

Mon, Feb 15: Break Up with TPP - Dance Ride

Tues, Feb 16: TPP Twitterstorm

Wed, Feb 17:  National TPP Briefing Call featuring Dean Baker of the Center for Economic & Policy Research

Wed, Feb 17: National TPP Resistance Call

Sat, Feb 20: Data Entry Party! Build Our Movement to Stop the TPP!

Sun, Feb 21: TPP Sunday Webinar: TPP, militarism, and Obama's Pacific Pivot

Tues, Feb 23: TPP Twitterstorm

Wed, Feb 24: National TPP Resistance Call

Sat, Feb 27: Data Entry Party! Build Our Movement to Stop the TPP!

Sun, Feb 28: TPP Webinar w/ David Korten, author: When Corporations Rule the World


TradeJustice Protests TPP Signing in New Zealand at NZ and Mexican Consulates in NYC (Photos, Video, News Coverage)


1/31/16 TPP webinar Bill McKibben, Ilana Solomon, Scout Barbour Evans NZ actions

1/28/16: TPP Train the Trainers webinar with Liz Warren January 27 2016

1/24/16 TPP, TTIP: Pro-Corporate Attack on Public Interest Laws w/ Sharon Treat


TradeJustice NY Metro's Adam Weissman on Progressive News Network Radio (1/31/16)



Letter from NY Rep. Elliot Engel

Letter from NJ Senator Robert Menendez

Letter from NY Senator Charles Schumer

Press Release from NY Rep. Tom Reed

Letter from Rep. Grace Meng


‘No harm’ to trade if Indonesia opts out of TPP (The Jakarta Post, 11/21/15)

Former IMF Chief Economist: Is the TPP Good for America? (2/1/16)

Trumka: TPP: A new low (The Hill, 2/2/16)

TOP STORY: Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal signed in Auckland (2/4/16)

TPP protesters shut down central Auckland as ministers sign controversial deal (NZ Herald, 2/4/16)

Trans-Pacific Partnership trade battle enters a new final straight (Financial Review, 2/4/16)

No arrests at Auckland TPP protests, cops happy with conduct of officers (TVNZ, 2/4/16)

UN expert urges Pacific Rim countries not to sign the TPP without committing to human rights and development (United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, 2/2/16)

Fanaticism and fantasy drive purported TPP benefits (Systemic Disorder, 2/4/16)

#TPP officially signed, Indonesia to amend 12 laws  (The Jakarta Post, 2/5/16)

Protester Hurls Insults, Giant Pink Dildo At Politician (Nanonews, 2/7/16)

New Zealand Minister Steven Joyce hit in face by sex toy (Sinema Blaze, 2/8/2016)

Ford Shifting Future Auto Production To Mexico As Obama Signs Pacific Trade Deal (Breitbart, 2/8/16)

TPP sex-toy protestor explains (Newshub, 2/9/16)

National Farmers Union hopes Congress will stop TPP (Crop Protection News, 2/9/16)

TPP compensation a question mark for Canada’s supply-management sector (Better Farming, 2/10/16)

GUEST COMMENTARY: TPP: What could go wrong? (The Northwest Indiana Times, 2/10/16)

Indonesia to form special TPP team this month (The Jakarta Post, 2/10/16)

A TPP protester's open letter to Steven Joyce (Stuff.co.nz, 2/11/16)

Cancer Patient Lays Bare the Danger of TPP and the "Pharma Bro" Problem (Huff Post Politics, 2/11/2016)

Trade Deals Like TPP Encourage 'Business Decisions' Like This Heartbreaking One from Indianapolis (AFL-CIO NOW, 02/11/2016)

Edward Alden: TPP's ambitious scope could be its downfall (Nikkei Asian Review, 2/11/16)

Is the TPP a Threat to Human Rights? (AFL-CIO NOW, 02/11/2016)

Christine Cheyne: TPP light on environment safeguards (New Zealand Herald, 2/12/16)

TPP Countries Gear Up for Ratification Push After Auckland Signing Ceremony (International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, 2/11/16)

People Are Stopping The TPP; Time To Finish Off Corporate Trade (Mintpress, 2/11/16)

With Trans-Pacific Partnership advancing, India pins hopes on China-backed trade bloc (The Economic Times, 2/11/16)

Speaker Ryan: Not enough votes for TPP trade deal (CBS News, 2/11/16)

TPP involves many trade-offs, and these should be made clear (Today, 2/11/16)

Fact-checking the campaigns for and against the TPP trade deal (Washington Post, 2/11/16)

Japan Says It Wasn't Excluding Canada From TPP Side Talks With The U.S. (Huff Post Business Canada, 2/12/16)

US President Barack Obama likely to promote virtues of TPP – and independence from China – during summit with Southeast Asian leaders (South China Morning Post, 2/13/16)

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