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TradeJustice Enewsletter: THIS SUNDAY: Sun, 3/20: Webinar: TPP, Palm Oil & Animal Agriculture = Forest, Water, & Climate Catastrophe  + Upcoming Events, News, Videos, & More! Adam: Sun, 3/20: Webinar: TPP, Palm Oil & Animal Agriculture = Forest, Water, & Climate Catastrophe  + Upcoming Events, News, Videos, & More!
Update - 3/14/16
TPP, PALM OIL & ANIMAL AGRICULTURE = FOREST, WATER AND CLIMATE CATASTROPHE!                  March 20, 2016 Webinar & Conference Call Featuring                  Ben Lilliston, Institute for Agricultrue and Trade                  Policy & Ramón Vera Herrera, GRAIN * 7:30 PM EST / 4:30 PM PST

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Organizational Endorsement Requests

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 3PM: Citizen's Trade Campaign's National TPP Briefing Call featuring Ilana Solomon of the Sierra Club
Location: Your phone - register here 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 7-9:30 PM: Anti-TPP Leafletting at Reading of It’s Not Over: Learning From the Socialist Experiment
A reading by TradeJustice volunteer Pete Dolack
Location: 172 Allen Street at Stanton Street, Manhattan

Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 8:30 PM: Witness for Peace Webinar: Justice and Solidarity for Berta Cáceres and COPINH
Location: Your Phone and computer - register here for the webinar or call (213) 416-1560 and enter PIN 122 085 956# to listen in phone-only mode.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 9 PM: Flush the TPP's National TPP Resistance Call
Location: Your Phone and computer - register here

Thursday, March 17, 2016, 7:00 PM: Forum: TPP: WHAT's BEING TRADED AWAY? w/ TradeJustice NY Metro's Adam Weissman
Location: Collingswood Library, 771 Haddon Ave, Collingswood NJ

Sunday, March 20, 2016 7:30 PM: TradeJustice Alliance Webinar:  TPP, Palm Oil & Animal Agriculture =  Forest, Water, & Climate Catastrophe!
Presenters: Ben Lilliston (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) & Ramón Vera Herrera (GRAIN)
Location: Your phone and computer - register here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 9PM: TPP Media March's TPP Twitterstorm
Location: Your Twitter account

Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 9PM: Flush the TPP's National TPP Resistance Call
Location: Your Phone and computer - register here

Sunday, April 3, 2016, 7:30 PM: TradeJustice Alliance Webinar: Why Free Trade Is a Feminist Issue
Presenter: Terry O'Neill, President of the National Organization for Women
Location: Your phone and computer - register here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 9PM: TPP Media March's TPP Twitterstorm
Location: Your Twitter account

Thursday, April 7, 2016 12PM: NYC City Hall Press Conference with Members of Congress vs. TPP
Location: Steps of NYC City Hall -- please try to arrive half an hour early to leave time for the security line at the gate of City Hall Park

Wednesday, April 13, 2009, 9PM: Flush the TPP's National TPP Resistance Call
Location: Your Phone and computer - register here

Thursday, April 14, 2016, 6:30 PM: United for Action Meeting:Taking Action vs. TPP
Presenters: Stephanie Low (Sierra Club) & Adam Weissman (Global Justice for Animals and the Environment)
Location: New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 W 64th St, Manhattan


New Resource Website for Activists on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)


Videos of TradeJustice Alliance Webinars

Democracy vs. Corporate Rule with David Korten, author, When Corporations Rule the World (2/28/16)

TPPs threat to Communities of color w/ Bill Spriggs (AFL-CIO) and Guillermo Perez (LCLAA, USW) (3/6/16)

Additional Videos

Exposing the Disastrous TPP (The Big Picture, 11/9/15) 

REVENGE OF THE FALLISTS (Submedia.tv, 3/7/16)

Sanders, Clinton Campaign Reps on Trade Policy and Primary Fight (MTP Daily, 3/9/16)

Nobel Prize winner fact-checks the president on TPP (Credo Action, 3/4/16)

Recordings of TPP Resistance Calls

Hosted by Flush the TPP

February 24, 2016

March 2, 2016

New Reports

Trans-Pacific Partnership, currency manipulation, trade, and jobs: U.S. trade deficit with the TPP countries cost 2 million jobs in 2015, with job losses in every state (Economic Policy Institute, 3/3/16)

NEW REPORT: TRANSCANADA'S $15 BILLION USD CASE REVEALS RECKLESS TRADE PROVISIONS: Trade Rules Empower Corporations To Demand Compensation, Threaten Our Communities and Climate (Sierra Club, 2/22/16)

TPP News

How trade deals like TPP fail the global poor (Vox, 11/6/16)

TPPA will lead to greater inequality, job losses, says economist (Malaysian Trade Union Council, 1/11/16)

Investor-state dispute settlement interferes with policy-making in the public interest (Winnipeg Free Press,  1/26/16)   


Trading Up: Rubio Goes 9 Debates with No Questions on How He Will Vote on TPP (Breitbart, 2/14/16)

Poultry farmers still need answers on TPP impact: Producers are hopeful Canadian consumers will continue to buy their products (Manitoba Cooperator, 2/23/16)

Debunking the Administration’s TPP = 18,000 Tax Cuts on U.S. Exports Talking Point (Eyes on Trade, 2/24/16)

Free Trade! Free Lunch! (The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey, 2/24/16)

Op-Ed: The jobs tradeoffs in the TPP trade deal (LA Times, 2/25/16)

Peru's fifth march against the TPP counts hundreds of protesters (Peru This Week, 2/26/16)

Trade: TPP isn't a good deal for the US (The News Tribune, 2/26/16)

Cancer Patients Who Protested TPP Arraigned in D.C. Court (Democracy Now, 2/26/16)

TPP Perceptions in Vietnam: Insights from Indochina Research (Vietnam Briefing, 2/26/16)

Benefits of TPP mostly a load of bull (The Courier, 2/28/16)

Peru's Police Violently Clashes with Anti-TPP Protesters (Telesur, 2/28/16)

Guest Opinion: TPP offers Americans more bad than good (Taunton Gazette, 2/29/16)

Russ Feingold calls on Ron Johnson to oppose Trans-Pacific trade deal (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/29/16)

Key: TPP on track despite US elections (Newshub, 2/29/16)

TPP House vote unlikely before next fall, committee will study deal for months (The Hill Times, 2/29/16)

Opinion: N.D. delegation should vote against TPP (Ag Week, 2/29/16)

Opinion: Misery in Chains: NAFTA, the TPP, and Juarez (El Paso Herald Post, 2/29/16)

The TPP attacks democracy and supply management: Increasing imports of U.S. milk would be blended with Canadian product (Manitoba Cooperator, 2/29/16)

Chamber calling for delay on TPP deal (Windsor Star, 2/29/16)

Pro-TPP Coalition formed (Ohio's Country Journal, 2/29/16)

Meat industry officials see opportunity in TPP (The Hill Times, 2/29/16)

Key unfazed by US TPP attitudes (Newshub, 3/1/16)

Labour calls for one month extension to TPP deadline (Scoop Independent News, 3/2/16)

Op-Ed: Time to put the TPP out of its Misery? (Sourcing Journal Online, 3/2/16)

Super Tuesday Results Put Super Pressure On TPP Passage (Footwear News, 3/2/16)

Sanders criticizes Obama trade agenda (Politico, 3/3/16)

Ohio lost 112,500 jobs due to trade with TPP countries (graphic): EPI (Cleveland.com, 3/3/16)

TPP: Would anybody mind if the deal fell over? (Sydney Morning Herald, 3/3/16)

Some TPP Countries Not Meeting IPR Obligations: Hatch (Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs International Trade Daily, 3/4/16)

Peters: Govt 'stifling debate on TPP' (Newshub, 3/4/16)

TPP critics urge transparency on EU talks (Radio NZ, 3/4/16)

Devil’s in the Details: Would the TPP trade agreement benefit Utah? (Utah Business, 3/5/16)

Farmers union head skeptical of Trans-Pacific Partnership (Crop Protection News, 3/5/16)

Time to stop praising the TPP and start searching for bugs (The Globe and Mail, 3/5/16)

Protesters dressed as clowns kicked out of TPP roadshow (One News Now, 3/6/16) 

Investigating Peru's Illegal Timber Trade and the Failure of the US-Peru Trade Deal (Huffington Post, 03/8/16)

Why Bernie Sanders And Donald Trump Won The Michigan Primaries: It's the trade deals, stupid (Huffington Post, 3/9/16)

Environmental Advocates Tell Congress: Reject The TPP Think Progress, 3/9/16)

Trade and Jobs Key to Victory for Bernie Sanders (The New York Times, 3/9/16)

Ted Cruz: 'I always opposed the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)' (Politifact, 3/10/16)

Obama ‘committed to Pacific trade deal,’ even as opposition spreads (Japan Times, 03/10/16)


Despite Opposition, EU And US Push For Conclusion Of TTIP Deal (Breitbart, 2/22/16)

German SMEs join protests against TTIP (Deutsche Welle, 2/22/16)

TTIP deal poses 'real and serious risk' to NHS, says leading QC (The Guardian, 2/22/16)

EU aims for free trade pact before Obama goes (EU Observer, 2/22/16)

France seeks guarantees for national sovereignty in adoption of TTIP (Euractive, 2/23/16) 

TTIP: EU and US vow to speed up talks on trade deal (The Guardian, 2/26/16)

TTIP: US yet to approve EU investor court plan (EU Observer, 2/26/16)

EU-U.S. trade deal on course for this year - negotiators (Reuters, 2/26/16)

TTIP round of negotiations extended for two weeks (New Europe, 2/26/16)

ANN CAHILL: Trade deal is a vested-interest juggernaut (Irish Examiner, 2/27/16)

Cheaper cars - but TTIP dream labelled a nightmare (Irish News, 2/27/16)

TTIP: US yet to approve EU investor court plan (EU Observer, 2/28/16)

The US are using Volkswagen (VW) to test their TTIP power (Voltaire Network, 2/29/16)

Brexit better for Britain than toxic TTIP, says Joseph Stiglitz (RT, 3/3/16)

Services Trade in Focus as TISA, TTIP, RCEP Aim for 2016 Conclusion (ICTSD Bridges, 3/3/16)

In or out, TTIP is a threat to democracy (The Guardian, 3/3/16)

Co-ops campaign against controversial free trade zone (Co-operative News, 3/3/16)

TTIP Negotiators Reaffirm 2016 Goal, As Long As Substance Measures Up (ICTSD Bridges, 3/3/16)

TTIP: Another Secret Trade Deal Putting Us and the Environment at Risk (TheRealNews.com, 3/4/16)

Former senior advisers to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy: Last chance for a pro-transparency trade legacy for Obama (The Hill, 3/4/16)

WTO News

The WTO Gave Environmentalists A New Reason To Oppose The TPP (Huffington Post, 2/26/16)

WTO ruling against Paris pact: Greenpeace backs India (The Economic Times, 2/27/16)

‘Revenant’ author’s WTO job keeps him out of media whirl (The Seattle Times, 2/27/16)

Switzerland backs Iran to join WTO (Tehran Times, 2/28/16)

'Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist': From the 1999 WTO protests, a springboard for family drama (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/28/16)

WTO asks Qatar to ratify trade facilitation deal (Gulf Times, 3/1/16)

Ukraine lambasts Russian ‘de facto transit ban’ at WTO (Agra Europe, 3/1/16)

UNCTAD supports Iran’s accession to WTO (Tehran Times, 3/1/16)

Mogheniri invites Azerbaijan to WTO (News.az, 3/1/16)

Hydrocarbon-based economies must diversify, says WTO chief (Gulf Times, 3/1/16)

Brazil to challenge Thailand sugar subsidies at WTO (Reuters, 3/2/16)

WTO can support Qatar’s goals (The Peninsula, 3/2/16)

 In or out, TTIP is a threat to democracy (The Guardian, 3/3/16)


After WTO Battle, USDA Issues Final Rule Lifting Pork and Beef COOL Requirements (JD Supra Business Advisor, 3/3/16)

Namibia to Address WTO in Bid to Save Livestock Sector (allAfrica, 3/3/16)

India-US WTO spat: American doublespeak exposed (DNA India, 3/4/16)

India Challenges U.S. Worker Visa Fees at WTO (The Wall Street Journal, 3/4/16)

Other Trade News

On Trade, Donald Trump Breaks With 200 Years of Economic Orthodoxy (The New York Times, 3/10/16)

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