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Nov 22 Protest Media Kit

Korean protester injured by water cannon blast to eyes
Source: Asian Human Rights Commission Report: SOUTH KOREA: Government must stop excessive use of force on peaceful protesters

Media Advisory: Occupy Wall Street Stages Mock Water Cannon Attack on Protesters to Decry Repression of Occupy Seoul Protesters, Job-Killing South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement

Occupy Seoul Website (English - includes videos and photos of police attacks on protesters)

The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement: A Bad Deal for Working People and the Environment at Home and Abroad

Occupy Wall Street: Corporate Globalization, Wall Street & the 99%

Korea FTA Prevents Wall Street Regulation

New York Job Losses Since NAFTA And The Impact the Korea Trade Deal Will Have If Passed (the agreement has still not been voted on in Korea)

US International Trade Commission Data on NY Jobs at Risk as a Result of Korea-US FTA

Background on Korea Free Trade Agreement (40 mb)

Online Videos on The Korea-US Free Trade Agreement

Statements on the Korea-US FTA

Petition to Korean President