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TPP Impacts on Communities of Color

Webinar: TPPs threat to Communities of color w/ Bill Spriggs and Guillermo Perez

The TPP & Communities of Color

U.S. Trade Policy and Workers of Color (AFL-CIO)

The TPP & Immigration

U.S. Trade Policy and Workers of Color (AFL-CIO)

Black Communities Suffer When Jobs Move Overseas (OpEdNews, 2/2/08)

Clinton, Obama and the Collapse of Black Economic Stability (Black Agenda Report, 2/1/11)

TPP a Worry for Communities of Color (Communication Workers of America, 6/26/14)

People of Color Beware: Your Jobs, Wages, and Health Are at Risk (Communication Workers of America, 12/10/14)

Dem: 'Bad' trade deals 'wreak havoc' on minorities (The Hill, 1/21/15)

Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a “Black Issue” (Black Agenda Report, 5/13/15)

Will the proposed trade agreement be another bad deal for black workers? (Northstar News, 5/17/15)

Trans-Pacific Partnership: What’s in it for Black Workers? (Northstar News, 5/25/15)

What Does the Trans Pacific Partnership Mean for Black People? (Ebony, 6/8/15)

Black Church Organization Opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership (Northstar News Today, 6/7/15)

Hillary comes out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership - Impact on Black Workers (Northstar News, 10/7/15)

An end to the Trans­Pacific Partnership and a renegotiation of all trade agreements to prioritize the interests of workers (A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom, and Justice, The Movement for Black Lives)

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