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This is the first, rough draft of the Fax letter I promised to produce this weekend

Vote No on Peru Free Trade Agreement While Bush Threatens TAA Veto

In light of President Bush's threat to veto H.R. 3920, the Trade and Globalization Assistance Act of 2007, we are writing to urge House Democrats to vote NO on the Peru Free Trade Agreement, scheduled for a floor vote on the week of November 4th.


The House of Representatives passed the Trade and Globalization Assistance Act of 2007 on October 31st to renew and expand Trade Adjustment Assistance as a small step in addressing the inequities contained in the various Free Trade Agreements already enacted. We find it ironic and frankly disturbing that the leadership of the House continues to support ratification of the Peru Free Trade Agreement in view of the Presidents promised veto of the TAA bill.

The so-called consumer advantage gained by cheap imported goods is more than offset by the resulting job losses. US wages have stagnated and the level of inequity has reached pre-Great Depression levels. Three million manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2001, so it is time to turn back the wave of FTA that serve only very narrow interests in the United States.

These problems were not adequately addressed in the deal struck by Democratic leadership and the Bush administration in May, and the final version of the Peru Free Trade Agreement will still be harmful to workers in both the US and Peru. Labor unions in both countries have expressed strong opposition to the agreement.


While the Democratic leadership espouses bipartisanship in its support of the Bush administration's Peru agreement it is scarcely different from the DR-CAFTA agreement most Democrats opposed in 2005. The Bush administration's veto threat represents an unwillingness on its part to even accept weak and insufficient measures designed to minimally counter the agreementís ill effects.

Bipartisanship cannot be a one-way street. In the 2006 election, US voters elected pro-fair trade Democratic challengers around the nation to replace free trader incumbents., thereby sending a clear message to Congress: end the encroachment of Free Trade Agreements on US jobs and incomes. Congressional Democrats should show more concern for the interests and will of US voters than for an administration that insults US workers through its unwillingness to provide even the meager remediation offered by the Democrat's TAA bill.


Please vote NO on the Peru Free Trade Agreement.




National Organizations


Progressive Democrats of America


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NYC Peopleís Referendum on Free Trade, New York, NY

Polo Democratico Alternativo NY/NJ/CT

Portland Jobs with Justice, Portland, OR

Wetlands Activism Collective, New York, NY