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TPP & Food: Safety, Sustainability, & Sovereignty

Call and email your Congressional Representative TODAY to vote NO on Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority - legislation that will prevent Congress from amending TPP's most egregious attacks on fair, safe, and sustainable food! Find out who represents you and their contact info here.

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Contact us to learn more or to volunteer: (718) 218-4523 * info @ tradejustice . net (no spaces)

Big Meat Swallows the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy)

Food Democracy Now: Stop the Secret Trade Deal: the Monsanto Protection Act on Steroids!

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy: TPP: Doubling Down on Failed Trade Policy

Food First Backgrounder: The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat to Democracy and Food Sovereignty

ExposeTheTPP (Public Citizen): How the TPP Would Impact the Safety of Our Food

Global Justice for Animals and the Environment: Don't Let TPP Increase Suffering for Farmed Animals, Exacerbate Climate Change, and Undermine Food Safety! (printable form letter - 2 per page)

La Via Campesina / Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance TPP Statement

La Via Campesina: Korea FTA as Model for TPP vs. Alternative Model

Common Dreams: Farmers Protest Japan's Push to Join 'Trans-Pacific Partnership'

Audio: Radio Australia: Japanese farmers protest against decision to join TPP trade bloc

Japan Daily Press: Japanese farmers protest imminent entry into TPP trade talks

Citizens Trade Campaign: Groups Warn of Threat TPP Poses to U.S. Dairy Sector

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NZ Food Safety/Security at Risk Over Free Trade, Activists Say

Third World Network: Will The Us Push For Non-Labelling Of Gmos In Trade Pact?

Consumers Union of Japan: Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

GeneEthics Flier on TPP and GMOs (PDF)

Sustainability Council of New Zealand: Right to Choose GM Free Food on the Line with Free Trade Deal?

Third World Network: Will The Us Push For Non-Labelling Of Gmos In Trade Pact?

Global Justice for Animals and the Environment: Defend Farmed Animals: Stop TPP!
(Printable 2-sided palmcard, print 4 to a page on 8.5 by 11 paper (front and back are on same sheet - just rotate original to copy second side) and cut into quarters.)