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Form Letters

1. Print PDF and make copies - each sheet contains two letters - cut down the middle)
2. Print informational handouts.
3. Mount letters on a clipboard and ask people to fill them out (one signer per letter).
4. Keep the signed letter, but give each signer a copy of the relevant informational handout for that letter.

Form Letters

TPP & Hydrofracking

TPP & Climate Change

TPP & Factory Farms

Defend Access to AIDS Drugs and Other Life-Saving Medicines! NO TPP!


TPP & Hydrofracking Handout

TPP and Climate Change Handout (2 sided, print 4 to a page on 8.5 by 11 paper)
Front (choose Black & White or Color) * Back

TPP & Factory Farms Handout
(Print 4 to a page on 8.5 by 11 paper. Front and back are on same sheet - just rotate original to copy second side)

Access to AIDS Medicines Handout (8.5 by 11, 1 sided)