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Trans-Pacific Partnership and Access to Medicines

Printable Materials

Obama Dollars: TPP: Good for Pfizer's Profits, Disastrous for People with AIDS
2 sided - cut each sheet to make three fliers
Front / Back

Form Letter: Defend Access to AIDS Drugs and Other Life-Saving Medicines! NO TPP!
(half-sized, 1 sided, copy and cut)

TPP Threatens the Lives of People w/ HIV/AIDS
(quarter-sized, 2 sided, copy same original on front and back, cut each sheet into four separate fliers)

Articles, Reports, and Links

Advocate.com: Op-Ed: U.S. AIDS Policy vs. U.S. Trade Policy

Doctors Without Borders: Access to Lifesaving Generic Medicines Threatened by US Trade Pact

Doctors Without Borders: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Threatens Access to Medicines

Huffington Post: Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises

Oxfam Analysis of US Proposals for IP and Pharmaceutical Pricing Provisions in Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Negotiations

Public Citizen: Access to Medicines in the Trans-Pacific FTA

Citizens Trade Campaign: The Trans-Pacific FTA’s Threats to Public Health

Public Citizen & HealthGAP: Dangers for Access to Medicines in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Comparative Analysis of the U.S. Intellectual Property Proposal and Vietnamese Law

Public Citizen: Leaks at Trans-Pacific Trade Talks Confirm Obama Administration Backtracking from Bush Era Access to Medicines Commitments: Four Years After FTA, US Demands New Concessions, Law Changes From Peru

Huffington Post: New Trade Deal Would Benefit Big Pharma At AIDS Programs' Expense

The Conversation: Trade Talks Set to Undermine Access to Medicines for the World’s Poor

Forum on Democracy and Trade: Trans-Pacific Partnership & U.S. State Efforts to Control Drug Prices

Malaysian Declaration On The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement & Access To Medicines

Infojustice.org: Statement: Leaked US Proposal for a TPP Pharmaceutical Chapter

Letter to President Obama from VT Governor Peter Shumlin on Pharmaceuticals and the Trans Pacific Partnership

Forum on Democracy and Trade: Prescription Drugs and the Trans-Pacific Partnerships

Citizens Trade Campaign: Leaked Trans-Pacific FTA Texts Reveal U.S. Undermining Access to Medicine

Public Citizen: Access to Medicines and the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement

Citizen's Trade Campaign: Access to Lifesaving Generic Medicines Threatened by US Trade Pact