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Public Citizen: Join the Global Fight-Back Against TPP (Public Citizen)

Don't Let TPP Become the New ACTA: Contact Your Lawmakers and Demand Transparency! (Electronic Freedom Foundation)

Tell President Obama You Oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership! (American Jobs Alliance)

One Million to Stop the Corporate Death Star (Avaaz)

Transparency in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations (Colomban Fathers)

Help Make Congress Aware of Trans-Pacific Partnership Secrecy: Request a Copy of the TPP Draft Text From Your Member of Congress (Public Citizen)

Do Not "Fast Track" the TPP (Citizens Trade Campaign)

Tell Congress Fair Trade, Not Free Trade, in the TPP (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers)

Stop NAFTA on Steroids (Rainforest Action Network)

Don't Let The TPP Become An Internet Trap (Stopthetrap.net)

Public Citizen: Petition Obama Administration to Make Trade Work for Working Families

Post a critical comment about TPP on the US Trade Representative's official Facebook page

Write a comment on TPP to the White House