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Trans-Pacific Partnership Videos


Acuerdo de Asociación Trans-Pacífico (4:55)


TPP = Corporate Power Tool of the 1% (3:06)

What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? (4:00)

Why Should I Care About the TPP? (1:33)

Why The Yes Men Crashed the TPP Negotiations (3:33)

shortumentary: TPP CISPA TPPA ACTA SOPA PIPA (15:26)

New Obama Free Trade Agreement - 'Trans-Pacific Partnership' (2:57)


Protest: Obama + Pfizer: TPP=Death for People with AIDS (July 2, 2012)(5:59)

TradeJustice NY Metro Protests Pfizer, Obama, and TPP (2/1/2012) (14:08)

The TPP Makes Me Sick (2:08)

Occupy Trade Trans-Pacific Partnership - Mic Check - Direct Action (2:18)

Occupy Dallas Crashes Trans-Pacific Partnership Reception (3:59)

TPPA Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (Protest) - Occupy The Media (2:36)

Police Remove Activists from International Trade Party for Staging Fake Award Ceremony (3:26)

Actress Q'orianka Kilcher Arrested at TPP Negotiations (5:40)

Global Justice for Animals and the Environment Tabling vs. TPP @ Veggie Pride 2013 (1:52)

TradeJustice Demands Rep. Crowley Vote No on Fast Track for TPP @ St. Patrick's Day Party (3/10/13) (1:49)

Speeches and Interviews

Jay Taylor Media Interview with Curtis Ellis on TPP (3:19)

TPP Destroys US Sovereignty | Interview with Melinda St. Louis (6:22)

DeFazio on the secret Trans Pacific Partnership "free trade" negotiations (5:49)

Freedom of Expression, Privacy, and the TPP (2:17:24)

TransPacific Partnership – Populist Dialogues (w/ Arthur Stamoulis on Citizens Trade Campaign) (28:29)

Clearing the Fog: Arthur Stamoulis and Ben Beachy on the TransPacific Partnership versus Democracy (1:19)

Obama Pushes NAFTA Style Trade Policy Despite 2008 Promise (12:43)

TPP - Worse Than ACTA? (6:35)

TPP secrets: Obama covertly handing more power to corporations (10:28)

Trans Pacific Partnership...Trojan horse for global corporate domination? (5:34)

Obama's TPP Disaster (6:28)

Leaked TPP Draft: Global Corporate Dictatorship (15:50)

Jane Kelsey - TPP - 21 June 2012 (12:17)

Jane Kelsey On The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Part 1 (7:55)

Jane Kelsey On The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement Part II (7:22)

TPPA -"Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" or "Toxic Profiteers Plunder Aotearoa"? (1:40:08)

Obama pushes for Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) & polls ask other country's views on U.S.'s drones (15:02)

Global Justice for Animals and the Environment's Adam Weissman Speaks on TPP @ Occupy Town Square In Washington Square Park (15:31)

Panel: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama's Secret Plan to Expand Hydrofracking and Mining? (1:36:41)