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TradeJustice New York Metro
TTIP New York Round Press Conference

Press Conference: Fair Trade Advocates Denounce Damning New Leaked Documents at Site of Secret Negotiations for Controversial US-EU Trade Deal, Release New Statement from House Democrats (TradeJustice New York Metro, 4/23/15)

Letter by 31 House Democrats to President Obama Expressing Concerns About TTIP Negotiations (4/23/15)

TTIP: turning Bees into has Beens? (ARC2020, 1/22/15)

A leaked document shows just how much the EU wants a piece of America’s fracking boom (Wongblog, The Washington Post, 7/8/14)

Senate panel approves 'fast track' trade bill (USA TODAY, 5/22/15)

‘Investor-to-state dispute settlement’ in EU–US trade deal risks access to affordable medicines: NGO coalition urges European Commission to exclude mechanism from TTIP (7/14/14)

TTIP: a threat to animal welfare and rights (TTIP: What Lies Beneath, 2/24/15)

The Working Class in Europe Says No to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (World Federation of Trade Unions - European Regional Office, 2015)

TOP 10 Threats of the Trans-Atlantic ‘Trade’ Deal to Americans’ Daily Lives (Public Citizen & Coalition for Sensible Safeguards, 11/2013)

Fast Track Trade Authority: Usurping the Constitution (Coaliton for a Prosperous America, 1/21/14)