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Protesters Demand Oregon Senator Wyden Oppose Fast Track at Protests
at NY Home, Family-Owned Bookstore

On Friday, February 25th, TradeJustice activists protested at the New York home of Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, calling on him to oppose Fast Track Trade Authority. Wyden is the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee and is working with Senate Finance Chair Orrin Hatch to craft new Fast Track trade legislation in order to facilitate passage of TPP, TTIP, and TISA. A national campaign is targeting Wyden calling on him to defend democracy and the Constitution by saying no to Fast Track. After protesting at Wyden's house, TradeJustice activists proceeded to The Strand, a bookstore owned by Wyden's family, where they staged an in-store disruption demanding that the Senator side with voters and not the 1%!



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