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TradeJustice Activsts Join OWS Zapatista Solidarity Group Members for 24 Hour Protest at Mexican Consulate

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From Thursday, June 19th to Friday, June 20th, TradeJustice activists joined John Penley and our comrades at the Occupy Wall Zapatista Solidarity Working Group in a demonstration in response to recent attacks in Chiapas that left an unarmed teacher dead and many other unarmed Zapatistas wounded. The protest was intended to put pressure on the Mexican government in the hopes of stopping possible future attacks by paramilitaries with ties to the state government.

TradeJustice was founded in 2002 as the NYC People's Consultation on the Free Trade Area of the Americas in solidarity with the Zapatista's Consulta Popular Sobre El Alca. TradeJustice activists Leila Garrison, Carlos Cabeza, Megan McGee, Gabriel Engel, and Malu Huacuja del Toro (also of OWS Zapatista Solidarity Group) all took shifts at the 24 hour action with protest initiator John Penley sticking out the full 24 hours.

Malu wrote the following note to thank protest participants:

Dear Occupy,

Thank you so much for your support.

Demonstrations are not new to the Consulate officers and staff, but they did not expect us to stay on the first day and were just waiting for us to leave. Since we did not leave, they tried to find their way out without us noticing, which was impossible. To each one of them we made it clear that we want to protect Mother Earth while they work for an illegitimate corrupt, unjust government serving corporate power, not serving the people. We also leafleted explaining the 7 Zapatista principles, starting by “To serve, not to self-serve like they do,” the Mexican Consulate living in a building which was recently “remodeled,” the job costing 1 million dollars at the expense of Mexican tax-payers.

A collective decision was made to come back next Friday to keep making pressure on the Consulate officers so that they tell their bosses there are people very unhappy with the attacks on the autonomous Indian Zapatista communities. We will start from noon to 7pm. Please make plans to attend! Drop by sometime!
Thank you for your solidarity!

For a world where many worlds fit,

OWSZapatista Solidarity

WHAT? Non-violent protest to stop the paramilitary deadly attacks on the Zapatista autonomous communities who are resisting the predator corporate power, defending the land, the natural resources of the jungle, and building a horizontal, leaderless community for a world where many worlds fit. As Sub-Commander Moises highlights, “we will not respond with violence”.

WHERE? Mexican Consulate
27 E 39th St, New York, New York 10016

WHEN? Friday from noon to 7pm. You can come anytime and stay for as long as you can!

WHO? Occupy Wall Street Zapatista solidarity invites.

More information?

In response to the May 2, 2014 paramilitary attack on the Zapatista community of La Realidad and the killing of community member Compañero Galeano, over 2000 organizations, intellectuals, and activists from North America and beyond – including Mumia Abu-Jamal, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Junot Diaz, Cornel West, Emory Douglas, the IWW, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, and many, many others – denounced this violence and called for a week of action in solidarity with the pain and rage of the Zapatista communities. During the week of May 18-24, compañer@s in solidarity in more than 40 cities across the world responded to this call. Their actions, reported to the Anattackonusall.org website, circulated through the corresponding facebook and twitter account, andcovered in the free and independent media in English, Spanish, Greek, and Italian, included: demonstrations at consulates and corporations, in the streets, and in public spaces; conferences and panel discussions on Zapatismo and autonomy; silent marches and memorials; readings, info sessions, teach-ins, and study groups; art installations, video and banner production, concerts, poetry readings, and Zapatista documentary screenings; fund-raisers, flyer distribution, e-graffiti actions, and encampments, and email and phone campaigns to Mexican Consulates across the US as well as to the office of Manuel Velasco, Governor of Chiapas, and more. Do you want to help re-build the school that was destroyed in La Realidad Autonomous community? “The capitalist government at its three levels [federal, state and local] destroyed the autonomous school and the autonomous clinic and the hose from where the water comes and, with that, they want to put an end to the Zapatista fight. Zapatista people don’t forget that the government destroyed their first community Aguascalientes, and then Zapatista women and men built other five Aguascalientes. And when they destroyed the humble houses of our MAREZ authorities (Municipios Autónomos Rebeldes Zapatistas) in 1998 (…) the MAREZ kept working following their path and stronger” - Subcommander Insurgent Moisés.

More information during the protest at the Mexican Consulate.

PS. Please forward this invitation to your friends!

ABOUT THE OWS Zapatista Solidarity Network
We don't want your money, your vote or your admiration. We are not the only ones organizing Zapatismo in the US and NYC and hopefully not the last ones either. We are just a service of information and mobilization. our email address:

A l@s familiares del compañero Galeano
A las bases de apoyo zapatistas
A los municipios autónomos zapatistas
A las Juntas de Buen Gobierno zapatistas
Al Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional
A l@s adherentes de la Sexta en México y en el mundo
A l@s medios alternativos
A toda la gente de buen corazón que se solidariza con la causa zapatista:

Desde Nueva York rebelde, reciban nuestro cariño, nuestra solidaridad y nuestro apoyo permanente por la construcción de un mundo donde quepan muchos mundos y no solamente el de los poderosos. Queremos informarles que, además de nuestras pláticas informativas, por iniciativa de compañeros del movimiento antisistémico Occupy Wall Street, los días 19 y 20 de junio, mexicanos y norteamericanos unidos realizamos la primera protesta-plantón de dos días frente al consulado de México en Nueva York, en repudio al asesinato del compañeroGaleano y exigiendo un alto a los ataques paramilitares contra las comunidades zapatistas. A la iniciativa se sumaron compañeros de Portland, quienes realizaron simultáneamente una protesta en el consulado de México en esa ciudad. Durante dos días estuvimos informando de la lucha zapatista, de los enormes logros de las comunidades autónomas zapatistas, y de las razones de nuestra protesta a toda la gente de México y de Estados Unidos que cruzó por el consulado, repartiendo volantes en español y en inglés con los siete principios zapatistas y coreando consignas zapatistas. Es la primera protesta-plantón de más de un día que se realiza en el consulado de México en Nueva York. El primer día, los funcionarios y el personal administrativo del consulado estuvieron esperando a que nos fuéramos para salir, pero nunca nos fuimos, y nos encargamos de dejarles bien claro por qué es una vergüenza trabajar para ese gobierno. En el primer día, el acto se transmitió en vivo en línea y contó con la asesoría del legendario abogado de derechos civiles Norman Siegel. En el segundo día, los participantes nos comprometimos a que no sea la última vez que hacemos esto, y regresaremos la próxima semana. POR DECISIÓN COLECTIVA, REGRESAMOS
CUÁNDO: El VIERNES desde las 12 del día hasta las 7 de la noche. ¡Cáele cuando puedas y por el tiempo que puedas!
Exigimos inmediatamente alto a los ataques de grupos de choque y paramilitares contra las comunidades autónomas zapatistas. A los medios de paga les decimos: los vamos a desmentir.
¡Galeano vive!
¡Zapata vive!
¡Vivan los municipios autónomos zapatistas!
¡Viva el Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional!
¡Viva la autonomía zapatista
Red de Solidaridad de Occupy Wall Street en NY
Pledge of Resistance in Support of the Zapatistas