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Introduction to
Fast Track * TPP * TTIP * TISA

Trade Justice Activists Participate in Disrupt J20 Action to Demand Fair Trade Policies at Trump's Inauguration
On Friday, January 20th, activists from Trade for People and Planet and TradeJustice New York Metro united as the Trade Justice Bloc of the Disrupt J20 action at President Trump's inauguration. The Trade Justice Bloc was one of many issue themed groups that protested or blockaded at the checkpoints that would-be attendees were required to enter en route to the inauguration. Protesters with large banners and signs leafleted, and spoke out, and later marched to Union Square, where they converged with a larger anti-Trump march and rally. A number of media outlets covered the Trade Justice Bloc action and it was also widely shared in photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter. You can photos, and read the action press release and media coverage here.

In Wake of Trump' Executive Orders, Announcement of NAFTA Renegotiation, Activists Welcome Death of TPP, Insist NAFTA Fix Must Not Follow TPP Template, Denounce Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Environment Measures
Following Donald Trump's executive order ending US participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), recommitment to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and his executive order to construct a border wall, Trade Justice Alliance expressed support for ending US involvement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), cautioned that they will oppose Trump's NAFTA renegotiation if it follows the TPP model, and expressed unequivocal condemnation for the proposed border wall. (more)

Mayor de Blasio, Members of Congress, State and Local Elected Officals Rally vs. TPP at NYC City Hall
On Thursday, April 7th, 2016 activists and elected officials rallied at City Hall to say NO! to TPP. (more)

Save Fan Culture - Stop TPP!
On Saturday, March 5th, TradeJustice activists leafletted at the Big Apple Convention, a comic book and pop culture show at the Penn Plaza Pavillion across the street from Penn Station on 7th Avenue. Our objective was to in warn fans that TPP's intellectual property rules threaten to criminalize popular fan hobbies. (more)

TradeJustice Protests TPP Signing in New Zealand at NZ and Mexican Consulates in NYC
On Thursday, February 4th, 2016, over 50 TradeJustice activists and allies protested the signing of TPP in New Zealand with a protest at the New Zealand Consulate in Manhattan. (more)

Long Island Panel Urges Constitutent Action to Stop TPP
On January 28th, a panel of anti-TPP activists spoke at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, Long Island. The event was intended to mobilize Long Island activists to take action vs. TPP. Long Island is a critical battleground in the fight against TPP. Long Island's Congressional representatives include the retiring Steve Israel, staunch free trade Republican Peter King, Fast Track turncoat Kathleen Rice, and notious free trader Gregory Meeks, one of Congress' strongest TPP supporters. Speakers addressed labor, environmental, and food safety concerns about TPP and urged Long Islanders to take action. Listen to the recording of the forum.

Anti-TPP Activists Hold Queens TPP Forum
On January 21st, 2016, anti-TPP activists held a forum in Jackson Heights, Queens, within the district of Congressman Joseph Crowley, considered a key swing vote on TPP. The forum was moderated by Pete Sikora (Communication Workers of America). Speakers included Bill Francis (Alliance for Retired Americans); Eric Weltman (Food and Water Watch) on TPP's threat to Food Safety; Alex Gleason, (NYC Central Labor Council) worker issues; Nina Macapinlac, (BAYAN USA) Harm to Philippines; Comrade Shahid (Pakistan USA Freedom Forum) on TPP and Human Trafficking in Malaysia; - Carlos Salamanca (Polo Democratico Alternativo) on Colombia FTA's broken promises; - Stephanie Low (Sierra Club) on TPP's Threat to the Environment; Leandra Requena (Peruvians in Action) on TPP Resistance in Peru; and Adam Weissman (Trade Justice). Watch the video of the forum

1,500 Groups Urge Congress to Oppose the TPP.

Read about the #Fallrising National Mobilization vs. TPP, TTIP, and TISA here.

TPP Text Released!
Read about the released text and read TradeJustice New York Metro's statement announcing the launch of our campaign to defeat TPP in Congress here.

Statement: Reclaim our future. Oppose the corporate �development� agenda
In the face of overwhelming evidence of persistent poverty, deepening inequality, ecological destruction, unprecedented loss of biodiversity and climate change accelerating under neoliberal capitalist development, governments have set 2015 as the year when they chart a new course for humanity � a path toward �sustainable development� that �leaves no one behind� and protects the planet. (Read the statement).
8/4/15 Press Conference: Whitewash of Human Trafficking in Malaysia for TPP
View photos, videos, and the press kit from this event (here).
Obama Administration Upgrades Malaysia on Trafficking in Persons List to Fast Track TPP
In a cynical move condemned by human rghts advocates and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, the State Department has upgraded Malaysia from Tier 3 to the Tier 2 Watchlist in its annual Trafficking in Persons report in order to circumvent a prohibition on Fast Tracking trade deals with Tier 3 nations which would have prevented TPP, a trade agreeement that includes Malaysia, from beeing Fast Tracked. (more).
Report to TPP National Conference Call 6/8/15
TISA Leak! UN Experts Condemn TPP & TTIP! Upcoming Events Info! Congress to Kill Cool? Capitol Hill Letter Drop! Upcoming Events! (more).
Wednesday, June 3rd: National Call-in Day to Stop Fast Track for TPP, TTIP, & TISA
Say No to Corporate Power Grabs Disguised as Trade Deals! (more).
TradeJustice Activists Denounce TPP at the 2015 March Against Monsanto in NYC
On Saturday, May 23rd, TradeJustice activists participated in the 700-strong March Against Monsanto NYC to expose Monsanto's role in influcencing TPP and TTIP and how these agreements and Fast Track trade authority serve the company's interests at the expense of family farmers, consumers, bees, and entire ecoystems.(more).
NJ Senators Vote NO on Fast Track 2 Days After TradeJustice Lobby Visit
On May 20th, TradeJustice and our allies visited the offices of Senator Menendez and Senator Booker for meetings with their staff to make our case against Fast Track.(View Photos).
CWA Leads Charge to Press Rep. Zeldin to Change His Position on Fast Track with Lobby Visit, Rally, and Fundraiser Protest
On March 6th, Long Island activists led by the Communication Workers of America (CWA) and representing a wide range of organizations met with Representative Lee Zeldin to urge him to commit to opposing Fast Track trade authority. At the meeting, Zeldin was noncommittal, but what Zeldin neglected to mention was that on that same day members Republican House Freshmen were sending an open letter to President Obama urging him to push Fast Track -- and Zeldin was one of the signers! (more).
NJ Activists Call On Rep. Garrett to Reject Fast Track at Town Hall Meeting
On Thursday, May 7th, anti-TPP activists attend a town hall meeting with Representative Scott Garrett, a Congressman representing northern New Jersey. They began by holding signs decrying Fast Track as people entered the event and then entered to ask questions. (more).
VICTORY! Gillibrand Announces Opposition to Fast Track!
On Monday, May 4th, 15 fair trade advocates representing 20 TradeJustice New York Metro member and ally groups met with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's Special Assistant for Economic Development to express our concerns about Fast Track and the terrible trade deals it will help railroad through Congress. Two days later, we received this exciting news...(more).
NYC Passes TPP-Free Zone Resolution!
Videos, photos, press releases, and more here.
TradeJustice Press Conference Announces New Congressional Letter Criticizing TTIP Talks, Highlight New Leaked Texts at NYC TTIP Negotiations
On Thursday, April 24th, TradeJustice held a press conference at site of the 9th round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which were held in Midtown Manhattan. At the press conference we read and distributed a new letter signed by 31 House Democrats who are critical of TTIP negotiations and newly leaked TTIP negotiating documents which suggest that the agreement's regulatory cooperation chapter will be an extreme attack on public interest. (more).
Wyden $ells Out! Fast Track Bill Introduced!
Read expert analysis of the new bill here.
Tell Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Ron Wyden to Say NO to Fast Track Trade Authority!
Find out how to contact him here.
Saturday, April 18 Global Day of Action vs. Free Trade and Investment Agreements
Find out about actions in your community -- or how to organize one! (more)
TPP Investment Chapter Leaked!
On Wednesday, March 25th, 2015th, Wikileaks released the secret investment chapter of TPP, revealing rules even WORSE than those in past trade deals! (more)
Protesters Demand Oregon Senator Wyden Oppose Fast Track at Protests at NY Home, Family-Owned Bookstore
On Friday, February 25th, TradeJustice activists protested at the New York home of Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, calling on him to oppose Fast Track Trade Authority. Wyden is the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee and is working with Senate Finance Chair Orrin Hatch to craft new Fast Track trade legislation in order to facilitate passage of TPP, TTIP, and TISA. (more)
Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz Community Activists Denounce TPP at Jackson Heights Community Forum; Call on Rep. Crowley to Oppose TPP Fast Track Legislation
On Wednesday, March 15th, 2015 hundreds of Queens residents gathered at PS 69 to hear famed economist Joseph Stiglitz and a panel of activists from the Peruvian, Mexican, Colombian, Korean communites and the food safety, labor, and environmental movements expose the potential threat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (more)
Fast Track Trade Authority: How Bad Trade Deals Become Law
Fast Track Authority is the essential tool for railroading trade agreements that undermine the public interest for the benefit of corporate interests through Congress. When Congress grants the president Fast Track Authority, the United States Trade Representative can negotiate trade deals with no obligation to consider Congress' views on what countries we should and should not enter into free trade agreements with or the terms of trade agreements. (more)
TradeJustice Protesters Brave Snow and Hail to Protest First Ever NYC Round of TPP Negotiations
On Monday, January 26th, over 100 organizations braved snow and hail to protest the opening of the surprise New York round of TPP negotiations. With Senate Finance Committee hearings on Fast Track Trade Authority scheduled for the 27th, protesters marched from the site of the negotiations at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel at 52nd Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan to the office of Senate Finance Committee member Charles Schumer on 3rd Avenue between 48th and 49th Streets. (more)
INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY: Human Rights, Environmental, Trade Justice, Peruvian Community Activists Protest Killing of Environmentalists in Peru at NY Peruvian Consulate
* Demonstration Coincides with Climate Summit and March in Lima, Peru * Activists Also Decry Peru's Participation in TPP Free Trade Talks Taking Place Simultaneously in Washington, DC (more)
Slideshow: Exposing the TPP for What It Really Is
View TradeJustice New York Metro's expanded version of Global Trade Watch's slideshow on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
See the show.
TISA: Bad Things Come in Threes
Think TPP and TTIP are bad? Find out about the third trade agreement the US is currently negotiating: the Trade In Services Agreement. Visit our TISA page.
TTIP: TPP's Evil Twin!
Concurrent to TPP negotiations, the US is also holding closed-door negotiations for TTP: the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a massive NAFA-style trade deal between the US and the European Union. Visit our TTIP page.
TPP: Stealth Attack on Climate Justice!
TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens to give the corporations driving climate change new tools to attack our environmental laws. Find out what you can do to stop it at the GJAE Climate Page!
TradeJustice Events - Week of 7/24: 7/24 TPP on WBAI; 7/27 Free Trade & Child Migrants Webinar; 7/31 Zapatista/NAFTA/TPP Forum & More TradeJustice Events This Week!
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TradeJustice Update 7/8/14: TPP Internet Forum, Bed-Stuy & Harlem Outreach + News, Action Alerts, TradeJustice in Action, Opinions, & More!
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TradeJustice Update 6/23/14: Staten Island TPP Teach-in, 6/27 Zapatista Solidarity Protest, 6/29 Conf Call w. Rep. McGovern & Pride Outreach, News, Action Reports, and More!
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TradeJustice Update 6/18/14: Manhattan TPP Organizing Meeting, Zapatista Solidarity Protest, News Articles, Alerts, Action Reports, Opinions, and more!
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TradeJustice Activists Reach Out on TPP's Threat to Access to HIV Medications at Brooklyn Pride
TPP's intellectual property rules are a major threat to access to affordable HIV medications, undermining the goal of an AIDS-free generation. On June 14th, TradeJustice activists reached out at the Brooklyn Pride Festival and Parade distributing informational fliers, TradeJustice event calendars, and collecting names on letters to Congress. (more).
TradeJustice Activists Expose Hillary Clinton's Complicity in Bagua Massacre, Support for TPP At Book Tour Kickoff
Hillary Clinton kicked off her book tour on June 10th, 2014 with a signing at Barnes and Noble, supposedly intended to "test the waters" for her presidential campaign. June 9th, 2014 was the fifth anniversary of the Bagua Massacre, called "the Amazon's Tiananmen", and new documents released by Wikileaks point to Clinton State Department complicity in the use of force against indigenous peoples protesting the Peru FTA, resulting in at least 32 deaths. (more).
June 2014 Events vs. TPP, TTIP, and Fast Track
View the calendar
TradeJustice Weekly Update 5/22/14
TJ Activists Disrupt Corporate TPP Conference, Expose USTR Froman's lies - plus news, opinions, video from 2 TPP teach-ins and more!
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TradeJustice Weekly Update 5/12/14
Events this week: 4 TPP teach-ins & a webinar! Plus news, opinions, action photos & video, interviews, and more!
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May Events vs. TPP and Fast Track!
Resisting the TPP from Earth Day to May Day
From April 22nd to May 1st, as President Obama was in Asia trying to advance TPP talks, TradeJustice activists engaged in an intensive campaign of outreach and protest to expose how free trade agreements like TPP endanger the environment, threatens jobs, force migration, and expand US hegemony. (more)
April Events vs. TPP and Fast Track!
MoveOn, TradeJustice and CTC Host Astoria TPP Teach-in
On Saturday, November 2nd 2013 MoveOn.org Civic Action in cooperation with Trade Justice New York Metro and Citizens Trade Campaign hosted a teach organized a teach-in on th Trans-Pacific Partnership at the Church of the Reedemer in Astoria, Queens. The event marked was the first in a series of teach-ins intended to mobilize Queens residents to demand that their Congressmembers opposed TPP and Fast Track. (Read more and watch the video)
Panel of Experts Exposes TPP at Upper East Side Teach-in, Leads to Formation of TradeJustice Chapters
On May 28, 2013, TradeJustice in cooperation with the Sierra Club NYC Group, All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church and others organized a teach-in on the TPP and Fast Track with the intent to inspire grassroots organizing in Congressional districts throughout the city. The event was attended by over 150 people, who later broke into groups by Congressional district to plan organizing against TPP in their own communities. The event helped to launch TradeJustice chapters throughout the city. (Read more and watch the video)
Brooklynites Learn About TPP at Park Slope Teach-in
On January 20th, 2013, Brooklynites came together at the Park Slope United Methodist Church to learn about the threat of TPP and find out what they can do to stop it from a panel of activists from TradeJustice New York Metro, Health Global Access Project, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, and Brooklyn for Peace's Climate Action Committee. (Read more and watch the video)
Long Island Activists Host TPP Panel Featuring Labor, Environment, Health Speakers
On September 25th, 2013, the Unitarian Universalist Church at Shelter Rock hosted a panel discussion on the TPP and Fast Track featuring speakers from the Long Islamnd Federation of Labor, Doctors Without Borders, Food and Water Watch, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, Systemic Disorder, and the LI Progressive Coalition. (Read more and watch the video)
TradeJustice Activists Speak on TPP's Threat to Banking Regulations at Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking Meeting
On July 14th, 2013, TradeJustice's Adam Weissman and Pete Dolack presented "TPP � The Banksters' Secret Plan to Escape Regulation and Kill Public Banks" at a pre-meeting of the Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking Working Group. "(Read more and watch the video)
TradeJustice Activists Educate on Free Trade Agreements at September 2013 Occupy Town Square
In the leadup to Occupy Wall Street's 2nd anniversary, Occupy volunteers organized a day of teach-ins in Washington Square. TradeJustice volunteers organized two presentations, one on the impacts of NAFTA on the people of Mexico and the other on the looming threat of TPP. (Watch the video)
TradeJustice joins 550 organizations in Citizens Trade Campaign sponsored letter vs. Fast Track
From the letter: "the Fast Track process that this legislation would reestablish ensures that these objectives are entirely unenforceable. If this bill were enacted, the president could sign a trade agreement before Congress votes on it � whether or not the negotiating objectives have been met." (more)
�WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON, CROWLEY?� Singing Grandmas, Puppeteers, Performance Artists, Veterans, Union Members and Activists Call on Rep. Crowley to Say No to Fast Track
At a rally on Friday, at Rep. Joe Crowley�s Queens district office, more than 125 protesters called on the Queens and Bronx Congressman to announce opposition to Fast Tracking the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. (more)
Video: Elhurst, Queens Forum on TPP's Attack on Latin America
On Saturday, January 25th, TradeJustice New Metro, Teraza 7, and Crowley Constituents for TradeJustice held a forum on the impacts of TPP and other free trade agreements on Latin America. The event also looked at the trade voting record of neighborhood Congressional Rep Joseph Crowley and why we must prevent Crowley from cosponsoring Fast Track Trade Authority legislation. (Watch the video in Spanish)
Fri, Jan 31st: Rally: Rep. Crowley: Don't Board the TPP Fast Track!
Join us to demand that Crowley get on the right track by refusing to sponsor and pledging to vote against Fast Track! (more)
Sat, Oct 12th: Expose the TPP/Monsanto Connection at the Global March Against Monsanto!
Join TradeJustice on October 12th to let anti-Monsanto activists know that fighting TPP is a critical part of the fight against Monsanto! (more)
TradeJustice New York Metro 2012 Year in Review
In 2012 TradeJustice campaigned to expose the Trans-Pacific Partnership and to hold members of Congress accountable for their vote on the Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements (more)
Visit TradeJustice's expanded and updated section on the Trans-Pacific Partnership - a backroom deal for the 1%! (more)
The Vampires Breakfast: Activists Infiltrate Meeting of Industries Using FTA to Exploit Colombia
Learn why the TPP will limit access to lifesaving generic drugs and undermine our ability to ban hydrofracking and genetically modified foods Find out what we can do about it! (more)
11 Actions You Can Take to Stop the TPP!
Learn why the TPP will limit access to lifesaving generic drugs and undermine our ability to ban hydrofracking and genetically modified foods Find out what we can do about it! (more)
Tues, 11/27: Teach-in and Organizing Meeting: Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership - Endangering Our Food, Health, & Environment
Learn why the TPP will limit access to lifesaving generic drugs and undermine our ability to ban hydrofracking and genetically modified foods Find out what we can do about it! (more)
Sept 6-15: Protest TPP Negotiation in Leesburg, VA- Stop the Corporate Free Trade Coup!!
Join TradeJustice New York Metro and our allies for a direct action training, rally, and a series of actions to stop the TPP! (more)
Trans-Pacific Partnership Week of Action: TradeJustice and AIDS Activists Protest Obama and Pfizer's Complicity in Limiting Access to Lifesaving Generic Drugs (more)
Tues, 4/10: Confront Death Squad Joe @ Jackson Heights Town Hall Meeting!
Tell Joe Crowley what you think of his despicable FTA votes to his face!(more)
TradeJustice Activists Protest Joe "Congressman Wall Street" Crowley's 50th Birthday Fundraiser
On Thursday, March 29th, TradeJustice activists held a demonstration and street theater performance to hold accountable for voting for the Panama, Colombia, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements! (more)
TradeJustice Activists Take Silent Action Against Trans-Pacific Partnership at Congressional Hearing
Wearing t-shirts bearing slogans including "Got text?", "Make Trade Work for the 99 percent", "Don't Trade Away Our Lives," and "TPP vs. PEPFAR", TradeJustice NY Metro activists and our Washington, engaged in a silent action at a Wednesday, December 14, 2011 House Ways and Means Committee Hearing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 9 country free trade agreement currently being negotiated between the United States, Chile, Peru, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore. (more)
TradeJustice Activists Take the Stage to Mock Korean President Lee, Denounce Korea-US FTA at Live Performance of Korea's Most Popular Podcast
On Tuesday, December 6, 2011, Adam Weissman of Global Justice for Animals and the Environment and Sukjong Hong of Nodutol for Korean Community Development poked fun at Korean President Lee and denounced the Korea-US Free Trade Agreement before an audience of 450 Korean Americans and Korean international students at a live performance by the hosts of �Naneun Ggomsuda," South Korea's most popular podcast. (more)
TradeJustice, Korean Americans for Fair Trade, and Occupy Wall Street Activists Stage Mock Water Cannon Attack on Protesters to Decry Repression of Occupy Seoul Protesters, Job-Killing South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement
On November 22nd, 2011, TradeJustice activists demonstrated at the Korean Consulate in New York to denounce the FTA and water cannon attacks on anti-FTA protesters in Seoul, Korea. (more)
TradeJustice Activists Disrupt Bob Turner's Queens Swearing-In Ceremony to Expose His Vote for the Korean, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements
On Sunday, November 13th, 2011, TradeJustice activists demonstrated at the district swearing-in ceremony of Congressman Bob Turner in response to his vote for the Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements. One protester disrupted the swearing-in and was violently removed by a Turner supporter. (more)
Grim Reaper Dances with Staten Island/Brooklyn Rep. Grimm on Day of the Dead as TradeJustice Activists Hold Mock Funeral to Mourn Assassination Victims in Colombia and Protest Grimm's Vote for Colombia Trade Deal
To mark Day of the Dead and All Souls Day, protesters held a symbolic funeral in front of the office of Representative Michael Grimm to mourn the approximately 3,000 union organizers assassinated by government-linked narcoterrorist paramilitary group in the last three decades and other victims of human rights atrocities in Colombia. As the names of Colombian martyrs were read an activist masked as Rep. Grimm danced with the Grim Reaper to mark Grimm's vote for the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, which human rights defenders believe will exacerbate violence against civilians in Colombia. (more)
TradeJustice Activists Hold Press Conference Condemning Rep. Rangel's Korea & Panama Free Trade Votes
TradeJustice New York, Occupy Wall Street and allied groups rallied at Rangel's office to call him out for voting for free trade agreements with Panama and Korea and pass out pink Charlie Rangel pink slips to inform Harlemites that Rangel just voted for a trade deal that will outsource 159,000 US jobs. Believing that Rangel's vote should make him the first person to lose his job as a result of the trade deal, TradeJustice activists visited his office with moving boxes to outsource his job to sweatshops in Vietnam and China. (more)
Sukjong Hong interviewed on WBAI Evening News on Vote on 3 Trade Agreements (audio)
TradeJustice Activists Protest Carolyn Maloney's Support for Panama and South Korea Free Trade Agreement on Day of Congressional Vote
On the day that Congress votes on trade agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia protesters held vigil in front of Representative Maloney's office to urge her to oppose trade deals that will help the super-rich, the financial industry, and other mulitnationals get richer at the expense of the 99%. (more)
Sukjong Hong and Adam Weissman Interviewed on American Jobs Alliance Radio Program (audio)
Colombian, Korean and Panamanian Activists Condemn White House Support for New "Free Trade" Deals at Occupy Wall Street
On Monday, October 10, 2011, TradeJustice NY Metro held the first of two teach-ins at Occupy Wall Street, leading to the creation of the Occupy Wall Street Trade Justice Working Group. Three of the speakers at our teach-in were interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!
TradeJustice Activists Speak Out at Occupy Wall Street Teach-ins on the Week of Korea, Colombia, and Panama FTA Vote
On Monday, October 10th and Tuesday, October 11th, 2011, TradeJustice New York Metro organized our first teach-ins at Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza, site of Occupy Wall Street. The teach-in addressed the impending vote on the Colombia, South Korea, and Panama Free Trade Agreement, scheduled to take place two days later. (more)
TradeJustice Activists and Secaucus, NJ Mayor Meet with Representative Rothman's Staff on Panama, South Korea, and Colombia Free Trade Agreements
On Tuesday, September 27, 2011, after weeks of pressing for a meeting, trade justice advocates, including Secaucus NJ Mayor Michael Gonelli, met with NJ Representative Steve Rothman's legislative assistant on environmental and animal welfare concerns, Catherine Collentine, and and Kalina Bakalov, Rothman's legislative assistant on trade. From prior contacts we learned that Rothman intended to vote against the Panama and Colombia FTAs, but intended to vote for the Korea-US FTA. Thus, we focused our meeting, which was conducted by phone, entirely on the potential impacts of the FTA with South Korea. (more)
TradeJustice Activists Protest Chilean President Pi�era for FTA-Linked Mining and Hydroelectric Projects
On September 22, 2011, TradeJustice activists demonstrated at a speech by billionaire Chilean President Sebasti�n Pi�era., demanding that Pi�era end Chile's participation in the US-Chile Free Trade Agreement; cancel a hydroelectic project that will destroy the Patagonian wilderness; and stop the Pascua Lama mining project, which threatens to destroy Andean glaciers, eliminate the water supply for local farmers, and leach cyanide, mercury, and sulfuric acid into the area's rivers. (more)
Protesters Tell Colombian President Santos "You Are Not Welcome in NYC!"
On Thursday, September 22nd, 2011, TradeJustice and Mingas New York confronted Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos as he entered the Plaza Hotel to speak at a reception organized by The Council of the Americas, a coalition of multi-national corporations allied to promote free trade agreements. (more)
TradeJustice Activists Urge Rep. Rothman to Vote Against Korea Free Trade Agreement at Rutherford, NJ Street Fair
On Monday, September 4, 2011, TradeJustice activists had a surprise encounter with Congressman Steve Rothman while petitioning against the Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agrements at the Labor Day Street Fair in Rutherford, NJ. (more)
TradeJustice Activists Present on Peru FTA to Humala Supporters
On Wednesday, August 24th, TradeJustice activists spoke about the impacts of the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement at a meeting of supporters of newly elected Peruvian President Olanta Humala. The presentation included excepts from slideshow and videos of TradeJustice actions against the Peru FTA and in solidarity with the people of Peru. (more)
TradeJustice and Nodutol Outreach on FTA Impacts on People with AIDS at Bed-Stuy Pride
People with AIDS are among those who stand to lose as a result of free trade agreements that include "intellectual property" rules that limit access to affordable generic drugs. TradeJustice New York Metro and our allies brought this message to the LGBTQ community on Sunday, August 21 at the First Annual Bed-Stuy Pride in Von King Park in Brooklyn. (more)
TradeJustice Activist Chastises Representative Meeks for FTA Support at Community Event
On Friday, August 19, 2011, TradeJustice activist Ruth Santana confronted Representative Meeks at a Town Hall Meeting at York College in Jamaica Queen, calling him out on his long history of pro-FTA votes and his complicity with human rights atrocities in Colombia. (more)
TradeJustice Activists Warn of FTA Risks to Animals and the Environment at NJ Vegetarian Meetup
On Thursday, August 18, 2011, TradeJustice activists Adam Weissman of Global Justice for Animals and a representative of the New York Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador presented on the harm free trade agreements pose to the environment and animals at a meeting of the Hackensack / Teaneck Veggie Vegan Meetup Group. The presentation was part of TradeJustice's effort to alert and mobilize activists in Steve Rothman's Northern New Jersey Congressional district to press Rothman to vote against the Korea-US FTA. (more)
TradeJustice Hold Training to Prepare Activists for Lobbying Against Panama, Colombia, and South Korea FTAs
On Friday, August 12, 2011 TradeJustice NY Metro organized a lobby training and issue briefing on the South Korea, Panama, and Colombia Free Trade Agreements at the Brecht Forum. (more)
Adam Weissman of Global Justice for Animals and the Environment and Bill Waren of Friends of the Earth Interviewed on Ecologic on WBAI radio (audio)
TradeJustice Activist Questions Rep. Charlie Rangel on FTA Support at Online Town Hall Meeting
On Wednesday, July 20, 2011, TradeJustice NY Metro's Adam Weissman challenges Charlie Rangel on his support for Bush/Obama free trade agreements at an online town hall. Rangel comes through loudly, but Adam sounds very quiet, so turn up the volume while Adam is speaking.
Trade Vote Postponed to September: Volunteers and Donations Needed for August Activism!
Thankfully, gridlock in Congress prevented the agreements from coming to a vote before the August Congressional Recess. Congressional leaders and the White House are now planning a September vote. Find out how you can take action in August against these terrible trade agreements!(more)
URGENT: Volunteers and Donations Needed to Help Enter and Fax Thousands of Postcards Before Congress Votes on Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements!
Learn how you can help TradeJustice deliver thousands of signed postcards to Congress in advance of the vote! (more)
TradeJustice Activists Challenge Reps. Maloney and Rangel at Bronx Jobs Forum
On Thursday, June 30, 2022, activists from TradeJustice NY Metro attended the Speakout for Good Jobs Now Congressional Listening Tour event in New York City to ask Representatives Charlie Rangel and Carolyn Maloney where they stand on the job-killing Colombia, Panama, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements. Unfortunately, only one of us was able to speak before the moderator cut off questions. Fortunately, he used the opportunity to explain why the Colombia Free Trade Agreement will be a disaster for both countries.
TradeJustice Activists Call on Representative Maloney to Support People with AIDS, Oppose Trade Agreements That Limit Access to Lifesaving Drugs
On Sunday, June 26, 2011, TradeJustice activists flyered and petitioned in the West Village to challenge Representative Carolyn Maloney, one of two NYC Congressmembers participating in the 42nd Annual LGBT Pride March that day, to oppose trade agreements with Colombia, South Korea, and Panama that include intellectual property rules that will limit access to generic drugs for people with AIDS and others in need of lifesaving medications. (more)

Activists Protest Rep. Crowley, Colombian Ambassador Support for Colombia Free Trade Agreement at Community Forum
On Monday, June 20th, activists from Global Justice for Animals and the Environment, Mingas New York, and other groups opposed to the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement staged a demonstration at a Colombian community forum with Congressman Joseph Crowley and Colombian Ambassador Gabriel Silva at the Centro Civico Colombiano in Elmhust, Queens. (more)

Jose Schiffino of Labor Coalition for Latin American Advancement and Sukjong Hong of Nodutol for Korean Community Development Discuss the Panama, Colombia, and South Korea Free Trade Agreements with Michelle Chen on WBAI Radio's Asia Pacific Forum (audio)

TradeJustice Protests Presidents of Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Chile for Free Trade and Toxic Resource Extraction
In September 2010, TradeJustice activists protested the presidents of four Latin American nations talks and dinner events sponsored by the pro-free trade Council of the Americas. Communities in all four countries face environmentally destructive resource extraction and energy projects. State investor provisions of free trade agreements with the United States undermine the ability of communities to use environmental laws to fight these projects. (more)

CAFTA vs. Safe Drinking Water in El Salvador: Protect the Rio Lempa!
Grim Reapers Launch Pacific Rim Cyanide Mineral Water on the International Day of Action Against Mining and Free Trade in El Salvador in May, 2010. (more)

TradeJustice NY Metro is a grassroots coalition of organizations and individuals, part of the national and hemisphere-wide global justice and fair trade movement to stop so-called "Free Trade" agreements like the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement, the Peru Free Trade Agreement, the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, and the Free Trade Area of the Americas. These agreements are now being negotiated in secret by governments and multinational corporations. Our aim is to reclaim democratic control over this decision-making process by raising awareness, organizing concerned people, and showing elected leaders - through a referendum - just how many people are against these pro-corporate, anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-democratic agreements.

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