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TradeJustice Supporter: UPDATED List of Philly DNC TPP Actions! Buses & Housing Available!

7/20/16 Events and News






Highlight This Week: TPP Resistance at the DNC in Philly!


Organizations: Endorse the March!


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Highlight This Week: 
TPP Resistance at the DNC in Philly!


Saturday, 7/23: #NoLameDuckTPP Workshop at the People Convention

Sunday, 7/24: March for a Clean Energy Revolution: Stop TPP Contingent (Philadelphia)

Sunday, 7/24: Orangutans vs. TPP and Palm Oil at the March for a Clean Energy Revolution! (Philadephia)

Wednesday, 7/27: We Are Seeds Rally to Stop TPP and Label GMOs Now!

TradeJustice Alliance will be joining our friends at Food and Water Watch, Flush the TPP and other groups in a TPP contingent at the March for a Clean Energy Revolution in Philadelphia immediately prior to the Democratic National Convention, where we will address the connection between TPP and unsustainable energy. We need to expand this number to send a strong message that our members of Congress that we demand a green energy agenda that rejects TPP! Chartered bus (with free rides for people who can't afford to pay!), public transit, and carpool info is available on the March website's travel page. Also check the site for housing info if you wish to stay in Philadelphia overnight. You can find addition information about the march at http://www.cleanenergymarch.org/.


Among the creative visuals that will be part of the TPP contingent will be the Orangutans vs. TPP and palm oil bloc, organized by Global Justice for Animals and the Environment. Volunteers are needed to hold signs, wear organgutan masks and costumes and leaflet on how TPP will expand the trade in palm oil from Malaysia and Peru – an industry that contributes to global warming, rainforest destruction, displacement of indigenous communities, wildlife death and extinction, and that uses forced labor!


Organizations: Please Endorse the March!


So far over 800 groups have endorsed the march! Let's bring that number up to 1000! Your organization can endorse the march here. And please urge your members and supporters to march with us in Philly!


Complete Upcoming Events List

Wednesday, 7/20: Flush the TPP's National TPP Resistance Call


Sunday, 7/24: March for a Clean Energy Revolution: Stop TPP Contingent (Philadelphia)


Sunday, 7/24: Orangutans vs. TPP and Palm Oil at the March for a Clean Energy Revolution! (Philadephia)


Wednesday, 8/3: Flush the TPP's National TPP Resistance Call


Sunday, 8/7: Webinar: TPP & Mining: Sovereignty, Human Rights, and Environment at Risk





Trading Up: Jobs, Governance & Security in US Trade Policy

Video from 8 hour AFL-CIO conference featuring Richard Trumka, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Joseph Stiglitz, and many more!

Global trade agreements have become a critical part of the national debate about the economic policies our country needs to ensure broadly shared prosperity today and in the future. This convening will examine the impacts of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the U.S.-EU Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) on jobs, wages, national security and democratic accountability.

Every remaining presidential candidate is on the record opposing the TPP. While proponents of the agreement reluctantly admit that corporate trade deals do have a down-side, they contend that the TPP is vital to the U.S. economy and that an improved Trade Adjustment Assistance program will help the small number of workers who are negatively impacted. Proponents also argue that trade is a national security issue, that passage of the TPP puts the U.S. in charge of writing global trade rules and that rejection of the agreement will cede future control of trade to China.

Does the process and substance of international trade and investment deals work for working families globally? This conference examined the arguments, the evidence and the alternatives.



Trade News


TPP News


 Hatch: Obama willing to dance on TPP (Politico Morning Trade, 6/16/16)


White House Working with Congress on Language to Implement TPP, Froman Says (Morning Consult, 6/20/16)


More TPP Trickery: Keystone Pipeline Company Demands $15B Under Prior Trade Deal (Food and Water Watch, 6/29/16)


Sanders loses on trade at Democratic platform meeting (Washington Post, 7/9/16)


Account of Orlando Democratic Platform Meeting and Protest from Trade Justice Alliance’s Harriet Heywood (Stop TPP, TTIP, TISA, 7/10/16)


Congress Receives Over Half A Million Petitions To Reject TPP Over Climate Impacts (Sierra Club, 6/29/16)


Obama’s trade agenda losing critical support as McConnell calls TPP passage unlikely; Schumer Pledges No TPP Vote in Current Form if Majority Leader Next Year (Washington Post, 7/12/16)


GOP platform strikes tough anti-TPP language but remains more skeptical on trade (Washington Post, 7/11/16)


Wall Street groups throw support behind Pacific trade deal (The Hill, 7/13/16)


Mike Pence Walks Back Prior Positions to Stand With Trump on Muslims, Wall, TPP (ABC News, 7/16/16)


GOP platform: No big trade decisions in lame duck (Politico, 7/19/16)





EU / Trade agreements: UN rights expert warns against bypassing national parliaments (United Nations Human Rights - Office of the High Commissioner, 6/24/16)


TTIP, Brexit, and Its Aftershocks


TTIP: UK will be powerless against trade deal outside EU, say campaigners (Independent, 6/22/16)


Brexit Is A Rejection Of The EU, TTIP and The Political Caste (War on Want, 6/26/16)


TTIP ‘doesn’t respect EU interests’: French PM Valls says ‘non’ to transatlantic treaty (RT, 6/26/16)


Brexit Clouds TTIP Negotiations But May Not Scupper Deal (Chatham House, 7/11/16)


Beleagured Brussels: US cools interest in trade deal without UK as EU chief enrages China (Sunday Express, 7/15/16)


Brexit free-trade deals planned with the USA and Australia (The Telegraph, 7/16/16)


Now EU faces ANOTHER referendum: Irish demand vote on controversial trade deal (Sunday Express, 7/16/16)


TTIP Negotiating Round 14, Brussels, Belgium, July 11-15


EU negotiators were expected to “propose an institutional body for regulatory cooperation during talks with the U.S. next week, sources inside the EU’s Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership advisory group told POLITICO. Critics of the trade pact argue that such an institution — where regulators from both sides comment on new legislation at an early stage — will undermine the power of [governmental bodies] because stakeholders could influence laws or water them down.”

EU will propose joint regulatory body in TTIP talks (Politico Pro, 7/7/16)


Activists Hijack Electronic Billboard in Brussels with Anti-TTIP Messages (Ander Europa, 7/12/16)
Learn more about the TTIP Game Over campaign at ttipgameover.net


Leaked TTIP energy proposal could 'sabotage' EU climate policy (The Guardian 7/11/16)




Commission rejects MEPs’ request for full ban on ratchet and standstill clauses in TiSA (EU Trade Insights via FlushtheTPP.org, 7/1/16)




Growing Opposition Forces EU into 'Humiliating Climbdown' on CETA (Common Dreams 7/5/


Recent Trade Justice Alliance Webinars:

Videos and Supplemental Resources

5/1/16: #MayDay! May Day! TPP vs. Labor Rights
w/ Celeste Drake (AFL-CIO) and Angella MacEwen (Canandian Labour Congress)

Video News and Supplemental Resources

5/15/16: New Confessions of An Economic Hitman
w/ John Perkins

Video News and Supplemental Resources

5/22/16: TPP's Threat to Wildlife
w/ Ben Beachy (Sierra Club), Chris Wold (Lewis and Clark International Environmental Law Project), and Macarena Arias (Peruvian activist vs. palm oil)

Video News and Supplemental Resources

6/5/16: Blood of Bagua: The Disastrous Consequences of Free Trade for Peru
w/ Bill Weinberg (Countervortex)

Video News and Supplemental Resources

6/19/16: Trading Down: TPP's Risk to Your Wallet
w/ Jeronim Capaldo (Global Development and Environment Institute)

Video News and Supplemental Resources

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